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  • This may be one of the stupidest questions ever, but I downloaded wordpress (AN hosting) from fantastico,and the write [post]window does not give me any options for font selection, font size, font color,or a host of other things that seem pretty basic. also, how does one toggle, if I only want a few lines of my post to appear in the entry, and the rest to appear elsewhere? again, this seems too basic to even ask, but Im staring at this program for hours and dont see any option. thanks

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  • okay, I got the toggle thing. that is one of the few options in the menu bar (my bad). but nothing on fonts, colors, sizes, etc. also, can I change the color of the heading bar, and add some text to it or an image? thanks

    Fonts, colours and sizes and so on are regulated in the stylesheet.

    thanks. where the heck is the stylesheet?

    go to Presentation in the header navigation.
    That’s where your themes are located.
    The stylesheet will be under “theme editor”.
    You’ll need a working knowledge of basic CSS and HTML in order to make any changes.

    You might want to check out the codex on working with themes…

    You can apply styles within your posts too. You may have to turn the visual editor off though.

    this is the most popular blog program in the world? yet if someone wants on any given post, to change a font size, a font type, or a font color, they have to change the default for the entire theme by going into the theme stylesheet (and how do you do that? I made a change just to try and learn, but there was no where to save it??)??? and have to know CSS or HTML??

    why doesnt the basic write program for wordpress include these very basic options? and to apply styles within the posts, asIIIIIV suggests, how would I do that? do it all in html? how would you change a font style, a font color, a font size that way? thanks

    How would you do that? You’d learn HTML and CSS. WordPress does come with an “assume level”, then again, so do all CMS’s and blog software.

    You don’t have to change everything in the template’s CSS just to achieve stuff on a per post basis. The heading and layout, etc, granted, is controlled via the template, but the body text of any given post is a free-for-all for you to do with what you want.

    As for learning how it’s done, time for you to go to CSS and HTML school. Has some very good howtos.

    thanks. went to the tizag. seems helpful, and will check it out some more. but this makes little sense to me.why would I, or anybody, want to start typing in all these shift < shift> etc etc each time on both sides, just to change some font size, color or type, when most basic programs contain that in their basic write box? even if this comes with an “assume” level, what is the advantage of making it fivw times the work?? is it because most people that use word press dont want to change from the default settings on anything, and others who do, dont mind playing with all these symbols? Im missing something.

    i think you got it. MOST people that use wordpress (or even build a site period) don’t want to make individual post changes to the font color, size, etc.

    one of the lessons you’ll learn from any good web design “teacher” worth their weight is that consistency is much more pleasing to the eye and makes for nice clean code, search engine friendly pages, and so on.

    most good web sites DON’T vary these things on a per post or per page basis. it keeps the consistency and fluidity of the site that way.

    that said however… it’s YOUR site, and you’re free to do with it what you wish. you’ll just have to learn to edit a little more than what most people do – wordpress isn’t a word processor – it’s a content management and blogging system. most websites, be they blogs or not, don’t wish to do the things you’re asking to do – so they’re going to try to appeal to the masses, right?

    I don’t know WP 2.x but under WP 1.5 you could make additional Quicktags (like the B for bold). If you (yourself, or hired someone, or someone helps you with CSS) make some colorful styles and other font styles in your CSS file, then you could put a quicktag. Then you could just push the “Red” quicktag to get your red text.

    Another idea, maybe there is a WYSIWYG editor (outside of wordpress) where you can create your body-text with fonts & colors, then copy-paste the code output from it, into your WP Write Post.

    Just trying to help with possible approaches to this. I kind of agree, it would be nice to be able to have a red, orange, green, or rainbow word in a post if I wanted to for whatever reason.

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