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  • One more thing how do I get the table and horizontal rule around the post like in the “Last Regrets” theme?

    One possible solution: you download that theme and start studying how it was done 🙂

    Excellent point moshu!

    Without being specific to sfboarders question, people are too willing to search for a quick solution.

    When the best solution is too study the themes code you are trying to emulate and transfering your new found knowledge to your own project.

    EDIT: Don’t take my comments personnel sfboarders. But think about what you are asking. For someone to answer your questions one of two things need to happen.

    1 They are useing one of the two themes you mention. (1a – If not they must download the themes themselves in order to assist you)

    2. They also are familar with your present theme and how inserting new CSS will effect it.

    Besides the best way to learn is to do it yourself. I also have no doubt someone will also be able to assist you.

    Thanks for the info. The Journalized Winter theme looked to crazy. I can’t even find any info in the css or sidebar.php on how the horizontal rule was placed in the Last Regrets theme. I also can’t find the horizontal rule and table information in index.php.

    Well its unlikely there is any kind of table at all.

    ok if there’s no table than I have no idea what I am looking for. I can’t even find a horizontal rule. Can anyone help me?

    view the source and search for a word near the formatting you like. Then look at the css classes applied to it. If you are unfamiliar with that code, try reading up on it at

    First of all there are no tables in that layout. Your best bet would be to download and study the code, or you can search up a few basic ~~!!CSS!!~~ ( cascading style sheets) tutorials up.

    that “colored table” around the text is the border of the div. Nothing fancy there.


    Thanks guys I figured it out. philpeeps gave best advice. This was so ez. Thanks everyone for your help *raises thumbs* to everyone 😀

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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