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  1. jdurandus
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    This is the address to my first website ever! I am using Simple Catch theme.


    I love wordpress and although the website is not much of a wonder, you guys have been a wonderful help in taking it where it's at! I knew nothing about CSS coding...

    I have come to a block and cannot find the answer anywhere...

    1) In the body/content part, I kept the background white, but what I would like is the same wooden background as in the header. Only, I just want it to be in the margins. To the sidebar of the posts and to the right of the sidebar. Using photoshop I tricked the background uploading function and sort of did it. But it only works in my screen size. When I make the window bigger or smaller, it doesn't work. There must be a way to color the margins only, I don't know how...

    2) I would like to change the color of the titles in the sidebar. After trying hundreds of codes, I still could not do it. It seems that my theme doesn't name these titles in the same manner other themes do. I cannot therefore find the right code to apply.

    Thanks in advance for your help guys!!!

    Jeremy :-)

  2. WPyogi
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    Posted 3 years ago #

    Try setting the body custom background to the image -- right now you have it set to white here:

    body.custom-background {
        background-color: #FFFFFF;

    Then set the #main background to white.

    This CSS selector should work for the sidebar titles:

    #sidebar h3

    Try using Firebug for this kind of CSS work -- it's really very helpful and useful.

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