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  • Hello! I am relatively new to the wordpress world. I decided on the theme color way, and i created a child theme for it via a plugin. Im having trouble changing the color scheme from their green to another color. Im really not sure what I am doing. Thank you for any suggestions! http://www.visionsofhoneyweddings.com

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Looks like your child theme is working well, good job. 😉

    Can you narrow down what you’d like to change? You can identify the the CSS that needs updating by looking at your site with a tool such as Firebug.

    For example, inspecting your footer which is also green, you can change it from green #2B4908 to red by adding this to your wp-content/themes/kristin/style.css file.

    .footer-navi {
       background: red;

    Which is a pretty ugly thing to do, but you get the idea. I inspected the element using Chrome’s inspect tool but I personally find Firebug on Firefox to be easier to work with.

    Edit: I think you may also want to add these lines just above your existing @import line:

    @import url('../colorway/css/reset.css');
    @import url('../colorway/css/960_24_col_responsive.css');
    @import url('../colorway/css/ddsmoothmenu.css');
    /* Your original import here */
    @import url("../colorway/style.css");

    I believe that will ensure that the other imports are included as well, but check it. My CSS is pretty weak.

    Thank you very much for responding. I will try this. I was trying to also get the green block out from behind my menu, such as behind the wedding block. For your last note, i would add that just above @import url(“../colorway/style.css”); , what would I replace ” /* Your original import here*/ ” with, if anything? Thank you again for your help!

    I added the footer, nothing happened. I’m adding it into my child style.css. This is the correct place right?

    Have you the footer template in your theme.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    I added the footer, nothing happened. I’m adding it into my child style.css. This is the correct place right?

    Yes, I see that in your theme’s child css but the change is not displaying.

    *Looks deeper*

    Okay, I think I’ve got it. That theme is inserting


    Into the head section, probably via your functions.php file and that’s coming after the child theme CSS setting the color.

    As that’s a commercial theme and I don’t have access to that (nor want access, truth be told) so I can’t give you specific help.

    Generically, try making your child theme CSS !important` and see if that does it.

    .footer-navi {
       background: #8B008B !important;
Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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