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  • thedane


    Hello. The ‘color settings’ in Mantra has stopped working. All of a sudden. I have used it for some weeks without having any problems, but now the colors I choose will not be stored, and therefore not implemented at the site. I have upgraded to the latest Mantra version, but that didn’t change anything. I have also tried to change the hole website to another theme, and then changed it back to Mantra, but again without any impact. Anyone having an idea? Regards Jens Justesen

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  • nwdwp


    I am currently setting up a set. I had originally used mantra to set background (body color). But I am not managing that along with other settings in child theme css. I even cleared the background color in Mantra appearance but its still hanging on to an old color and is setting it with a !important flag as part of its theme hook via cryout_header_hook();. When you view the site and look at the source code its putting almost all its settings (theme settings) right there , instead of calling / using its own sytle sheet. Not really the right way to manage custom theme settings in my opinion. So for whatever reason its not updating the background color anymore.
    If I knew where it was storing its appearance settings , which the cryout_header_hook is obtaining then presenting to the browser I could “clear the cache”. I looked in the database, couldn’t find it.



    Just update, I fixed it for now but it is a bug in Mantra as it is not clearing the background color (maybe others) when you tell it to.

    I exported the theme settings, found the “stuck setting” and wiped out the color code that was listed and imported it back. All is good now. Hope this helps someone out there with stuck/cached theme settings using Mantra.

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