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[Resolved] color settings being ignored?

  • Hi,

    The calendar works fine except one thing. The colors I set up for the different calendar categories are being ignored. #3366cc is being used instead for all categories. Same applies to the event filter links in the front end: Only the “all” link has a background color, the rest don´t.

    I´m using version


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  • Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    Try this fix, and let me know if it works for you. I will look into why this occurs…


    Hi Eran,

    I have updated the plugin and have same problem with colors now:

    1. In the WordPress Dashboard / Calendar / Categories, all of my categories are there and they all have the appropriate colours displayed.

    2. Go the main Events calendar and all of the categories listed at the top are uncoloured.

    3. Look down at events being displayed in the calendar and they are all highlighted in dark blue.

    4. Look at the sidebar widget display and the events listed show no colour.

    I did updated the categories as you suggested but it doesn’t help. You can see my calendar here: http://chinesegongfu.ru/calendar/

    Hi Eran,

    Thanks for looking into this. I tried the fix too but it didn´t work either.

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    Check the plugin css folder, do you see a cat-colors.css file?
    If not, you may not have write access to the folder, and the css file is not getting created.

    @n-way: Your css page was missing – 404 error.

    This issue appears to be limited to certain users, so it could be server settings. Without more detailed information (such as PHP error logs) it’s just a guess.


    Ok I got it to work now.
    You´re right. There was indeed no such css file. I re-installed the plugin again and when I activated it I got the following error:

    Warning: fopen(………/wp-content/plugins/ajax-event-calendar/css/cat_colors.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in ………./wp-content/plugins/ajax-event-calendar/ajax-event-calendar.php on line 1159
    cannot open file

    I guess that prevented the css file from being created.

    However, even with all permissions set to 777 and creating cat_colors.css manually it still didn´t work.
    So I re-installed it again (third time) and changed the permissions to CHMOD777 BEFORE activating your plugin. Only then the css file could be created automatically.

    I´m not php nor server-stuff-savy but since it´s the very first plugin to ever do that I´m still not sure that it has something to do with any general faulty permission setting on my server.

    Anyway…thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    I’m glad you got it to work!

    Since I have only heard about this issue from a handful of the hundreds that download the plugin, I can only assume it has something to do with how your server permissions are setup. But since I am no expert in server administration, it is merely an assumption.

    Thanks for posting your solution!

    @eran Miller – I’ve tried the above solution same as McMito, still struggling to get the calendar to show up.

    I’ve removed the plugin a couple of times and tried re-installing it, with CHMOD777 on the CSS folder in the plug in too, the file is still not being created on my server.

    I’ve just tried to place a ‘cat_colors.css’ file in that folder and tried to make that writeable, but still it’s made no difference.

    Any more ideas?

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    I just checked your site and it appears you resolved the css permission issue, because the file is being found and loaded, however, it doesn’t appear that any of the calendar’s javascript files are being loaded.

    Check your PHP error log.

    FYI, getting the calendar to show up is unrelated to the css permission issue.


    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    A new beta has been released for those interested in testing and confirming that it works see this post for details.

    Thanks from me to for the great plugin. Your time and hard work is appreciated!

    I am seeing that even after changing the folder permissions to 777, not all the color adjustments made in the back end “take.” At http://www.spbclongview.org/calendar/, the Youth Ministry category has been set as green, but is shows up blue. Also, note that the upcoming events widget only sees the color set for the “Sunday Worship Service” category.

    Just wanted to alert you to this, as I know you are working on the new release.

    Thank you, Klaus

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    If one category shows color, that would suggest the stylesheet is working. Out of curiosity, did you try this first?


    Hi Eran,

    I did update the categories, just to be sure, and nothing changed. Note also that the only category showing a bg color is the default category (the one that is not to be deleted), which I changed to “Sunday Worship Services”

    Thanks, Klaus

    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    The css file is being generated, so it’s not a permissions issue – something else is causing javascript errors on the front-end calendar. You are using the old version of the init_show_calendar.js file. You could be using other old files as well. If you’re going to try out the beta, it’s important to replace all the old plugin files. I suggest downloading a fresh copy of the beta and installing again – just to be 100%.



    I’m having the same issue with the color settings. Your fix, updating the categories and refreshing, didn’t fix it. The version is and I just installed it today.

    Also, I’m trying to create a two-day event, but the color bars on the large calendar don’t show the days as continuous. Perhaps I didn’t set the event up correctly?

    You can see the front end calendar at http://psychicpsychology.org/seminars/calendar with the widget version on the home page.

    Thanks for your help.


    Plugin Contributor Eran Miller


    If that didn’t work you can try this or wait until the next version of the plugin is released in 7-10 days.

    If you want to create a two day event, you need only create one event with the desired start date and end date values.


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