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    Can you explain further?

    Ok. I’m going to compare it with Farbtastic

    When I enter the color number, the Farbtastic moves the selection circles to match the selected color, changes color selection area, changes the textbox background color.

    Your does nothing so I don’t know what the color is.

    In Farbtastic when I want to make a color slightly lighter or darker I move the selector up or down and I’m done.

    I have no idea how to do it in the one you have. Looks to me like it has a set of preselected colors I can choose from.

    What I expect from a color picker is:
    1. Show me what the current color is.
    2. Let me adjust it – darker/lighter
    3. Select any color I wish and let me do the fine adjustments as needed.

    Maybe I missing something and your color picker can do that. Let me know.

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    Yes, right now the colour picker on WPide doesn’t have that kind of control. It’s just an image of colours which you can then hover over with the mouse to pick out the colour your after.

    When you select a colour it will be inserted into the input box and the right-hand side of that box will show you the colour but if you then modify the Hex value for the colour in the input box the indicator does not change to reference this, which indeed it should.

    Also like you say, making the color darker/lighter should also be possible and I will try to implement that.

    The idea with this colour picker is that the selection of colours will be changeable, it’s just one big image after all. So you will be able to click a little button there to choose a different colour swatch or image of your choice. So you could create your own palet of colours and upload that image or you could just upload your logo image and take colours from that etc. Sadly I couldn’t get this to work the other day as I spent too much time trying to get the image changing replacement implemented using a drag and drop interface!

    So it’s in the pipeline, I will have an indicator visible for the colour in the input box at all times, will try and add the functionality to make that colour brighter/darker and I wil make it so that you can change the colour swatch/pallet image to one of your choosing and maybe give a few alternative defaults with more colour options.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    To be honest the last thing I want to do is to create color swatches for each theme I’m working on. Time consuming and not quite practical. As a workaround, I use WordPress or Photoshop color picker.

    The plugin’s color picker looks very nice but i find it strange too. I think most people are used to a Photoshop-type color picker, which is sort of standard. I would prefer a picker like colpick color picker with RGB, HEX and HSB that pops up right below the color hex when you double click. It’s not as nice but would be more practical for me too.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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