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  • It turns out the options.php file was getting scrambled when ftp’d so I just had to paste the correctly formatted code into the file.

    Hey webbrewers,

    I’m having the same issue, but its working on some pages, and not on others. Bit strange I think.

    Can you explain what you mean by ‘pasting in the correctly formatted code in the file’.

    What I’m trying to do is change the color of Blockquoted text only. Where would I paste that code and into what file?

    (I’m kind of new to wordpress but I’m ok at html and css. I know I can put the color I want into the .blockquote css in my theme stylesheet, but for future reference if the admin panel stuff wasnt working for my client to update, I’d like to know where to look and what file to fix up)

    any help is appreciated

    The issue I had was with the theme options. Some were okay but some just weren’t visible/working. When I looked at the options.php file, all the code was on one line which I know isn’t normal. I also noticed if I opened it in notepad, that it looked as if a character was inserted where there should have been a line break. Since I know that could mess with the javascript/php and seemed to be a result of the ftp process, I copied the code from the downloaded options.php file and pasted it directly into the file using my host’s file manager. You could also do that within the theme editor if the options file is available there.
    In the evolve theme, you can add your blockquote css in the box that you’ll see under general options or layout in the theme settings.

    Thanks for the info webbrewers.

    I also sovled my issue where sometime the colour was what I wanted and sometimes not, within the same post.

    The answer is that I was making the quoted text italic at the same time as setting a different colour. Sometime the italic html tags where inside the span color tags, and sometime outside, depending on the order of which I made the settings from the admin panel. It seems the color only works if its within the italic html tags.

    So my none code savvy client has to remember to set the colour first, then format it the text.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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