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  1. jeff77789
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Okay so my website: http://www.dailymishaps.com has the "color paper theme" and when you post a picture, or a long post, then it flows over the top on the first section specifically left out for the first post. To have proof, you can register yourself and post a picture or a test post to see for yourself....how to i get rid of this bug in this theme? any other themes that can support all my plugins that i use if this can't be fixed? thx in advance

  2. cozei
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Did you solve this?

    I think I have a similar problem with the Color Paper Theme(over flow in the first section or "featured" section).
    See: http://chris-gardner.com/emelia/
    Generally I can use the "More" tag to truncate the post and then visitors can Read More to see the full post.

    My problem is trying to use the WP built-in gallery. I have three columns but in the featured section 2 images appear with a large space and the third image on a next line. But then in the full post section (if you click "Read More") the three image gallery fits on one line.

    I can't find a padding or margin setting I would think would be forcing the line break in the featured section.

    Any help?

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