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  • Is there a way to implement it?
    I tried using other plugins which add color coding, but they don’t work together s:

    Any way to help here?

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    I’ll try to think of how to implement it.
    But, it might be a slower X(

    I don’t think so, but would be so much more perfect to be honest (:

    Hi there, i been used your plug in, and let me tell you is one of my favorites. Made my life better, faster and happier.
    There is anny chance of improve any color codding like sublime text?
    i’ll donate $$ if you add color. (Is true, I swear, not much, but I’ll do)

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    I was considering implementation using the Code Mirror.
    I’d like a test After implementing 🙂

    I’d love to help testing if it’s of any benefit for you. (:

    — double post —

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    I’ve implemented the code coloring!
    After downloading, Enable the Code coloring option 🙂

    just tested it out :D!
    works great!

    Found 2 bugs, if you go into full screen mode, it locks you in, you can’t come out of Fullscreen mode.

    And 2, it seems that even with color coding off, I can’t use emmet in all post editors.

    Before, I was able to use Emmet in widgets, themebuilders, and so on. Anything with text, now I can’t sadly.

    Also, (but I noticed with CSS it can be fixed), in theme editor, the window goes to a limited 300px in height.

    Hope this helps. (:

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    Thanks for feedbacks!
    Sorry, I had forgotten support for the Full screen mode X(

    I’ll continue to fix 🙂

    Hi dude, i was cheking the new version…
    it’s amazing! :’D
    Honestly, that’s I was talking about!
    The only 2 bugs I found like jx1 says, Fullscreen mode and the widgets are a must.

    I really apreciate your work man, (or woman, never knows) like I said before, I’m very interested to donate.
    Where can I do that? XD

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    Hi, It is a new version with bug fixes!

    Thank you, But there is no donation page.
    I’ll create it 🙂

    OMG :D! works beautifully!
    In full screen mode it’s amazingly nice as well.

    You are a genius sir :D!!

    Did it slow down by any chance? I find it very speedy n.n

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    I’m sorry :q
    Takes time to implement… “slower”
    It doesn’t mean an execution speed.

    I’ll release the new version.
    Thanks 🙂

    thank you sir!! :D!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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