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    Just updated to the new 1.2.6. The color returned to the default red. However when I check the color options, it still has it listed as the blue option.

    In addition, in Chrome, all of my side bar widgets have disappeared. These are showing in Firefox. When I checked inside wordpress, they are all still there, just not showing up on the webpage.

    I cleared all of the cached data just in case that was the issue. Has anyone else reported errors like this? Any ideas on how to fix it?


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    It would be helpful if you provided link to your website, and no, I haven’t heard about issues you’re describing from other users.

    Ah sorry about that. I’m

    Also it seems the color is now blue but I still don’t have any sidebar

    Theme Author alex27


    I just went to your website and sidebar is there with lots of widgets.

    In Chrome? It works in firefox for me but not in chrome

    Ah interesting. I kept scrolling. In chrome the “side bar” is at the bottom. Still vertical just on the left side underneath all of my posts. I can take a screen shot but I”m not sure how to send it.

    Theme Author alex27


    I checked in chrome, opera and IE. Please check the website from another computer or ask a friend to check it out.

    Yeah I have no idea. I just asked a friend and on her computer it was fine. It’s just on mine. I’m at a complete loss but I guess it’s just something wrong with my machine. Thanks for helping anyway.

    I’m experiencing the exact same problems – sidebar is now below posts, and the color defaulted to red. I switched that to orange in the settings, saved, and refreshed and it worked. But the widget sidebar is still unresolved. Any other updates on this?

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    You can discuss your symptom in your own thread.

    and I also have a black line between the header ribbon and the post/list of posts. Looks okay in firefox and safari, but some weird stuff going on in chrome. I don’t have a machine with IE on it to test in that browser. thanks for your help!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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