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  • I just migrated several WordPress websites to a new hosting company with the Duplicator plugin, but I’m not sure if I need to set collation for my new databases.

    When I look at the right side of my table list in phpMyAdmin in the new host I see mostly utf8_general_ci under collation but there are a few that use utf8mb4_unicode_ci. When I look at Databases or Operations in phpMyAdmin it appears that utf8mb4_unicode_ci is the default collation. Do I need to change the default to utf8_general_ci to match most of my existing tables?

    Do wp-config.php settings take priority over the settings in phpMyAdmin? My previous host was experimenting with my websites and made changes to my wp-config.php file. They added define(‘DB_COLLATE’, ”); line and edited the define(‘DB_CHARSET’, ”); in some cases adding a language when that line was completely missing previously.

    I need advice for both phpMyAdmin settings and the wp-config.php file edits.

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    Hi there,

    First thing I recommend is making a backup of the database if you do make that change for good measure if data gets corrupted and it’s also a good thing to have a backup.

    As for the wp-config settings, those are what WordPress uses when connecting and editing rows and tables on the database. phpMyAdmin is sort a way of connecting to the database to see what is stored.

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    Jose, are you saying that the settings in phpMyAdmin have no affect on WordPress databases?

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