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  1. macsoft3
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello. I'm writing a PHP program to build a spam comment database. More specifically, I select specific fields on the wp_comments table and insert data into a similar table on a different database. First several rows will be successfully inserted into a new table. But... The collation of the original comment_content field is set to latin1_swedish_ci. Spammers use some irregular characters. And it appears that the collation of the comment_content field blocks those comments where irregular characters are used. How do I know? If I skip this field (comment_content), all hundreds or thousands of rows with other 14 fields (skipping comment_ID) will be successfully imported into a new table. Changing the collation to utf8_unicode_ci doesn't help. Does anybody have any idea what's the best collation to access all spam characters?

    Thank you.

    Tom Bluewater

  2. macsoft3
    Posted 7 years ago #

    All right. Now, I know what's the causing the problem. It's the collation. It's apostrophe in the comment that ceases the program.

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