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  • I am splitting two different blogs in my page. Actually, all the posts belong to the same blog but I just show some posts in one page and others in another page (divided by category).

    For my Personal Blog I used the Collapsing Archives plugin as I want to collapse them by month and year. It worked pretty smooth.

    For my Programming Blog I’m using Collapsing Categories plugin as I want to collect programming posts by their category. I’ve done this (keep in mind that my website doesn’t have any sidebar displayed):
    1) I’ve created a new file in my child theme ‘categories.php’. Here is where I call the ‘collapsCat’ function.
    2) I’ve created a new page where to display this categories, using the template ‘categories.php’.
    3) I edit the arguments I’ll pass to the collapsCat function, specially I wanted it to use the ‘inExcludeCats’ field. Here is where I’m telling I don’t want to consider posts that belong to the other category blog.
    Find attached the piece of code where I do this call in my categories.php file:

    if( function_exists('collapsCat') ) {                             collapsCat('animate=1&inExclude=exclude&accordion=0&inExcludeCats=personal&showTopLevel=0&showEmptyCat=0&defaultExpand=rdp,wordpress,unsolved&postSort=postDate&postSortOrder=DESC');

    You’ll see a buch of attributes to personalize it, they all work (right now I’m using the ‘defaultExpand’ because by mouse clicking it won’t do it, so at least I want to show my posts).
    Okay, that’s basically the problem, it doesn’t expand or collapse anything. I’ve been reading a bunch of posts on the web about this plugin but I couldn’t manage to solve it.
    Does anybody have some clues?
    Btw, plugin site says ‘compatible up to 3.2.1’ but sometimes they say so and you can still use them.
    You will find the problem I’m having here:
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

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