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  • just spent an hour or so looking through the plug-in listings, but i don’t think i found exactly what i was looking for, so i figured i’d ask the community 🙂

    a site that i am building will have lots of categories and sub categories (and sub subs). i was just looking for a way to not make that so confusing for the person i am building it for. instead of having one really long, scrolling list in the admin, is there a plugin that would make the lists collapsible? so that only the main cats would appear at first, with the little plus box next to them to drill down further?

    this is only something they’d need in the dashboard, not something needed on the site

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  • le bump?

    figured i’d give this another try

    the way this client’s system is set up, there are about 10 categories, each with 25+ sub categories — so the category list is pretty massive. it’s not a terrible, unworkable issue, but certainly an inconvenience having to scroll through the giant list each time.

    however, if there was a way to make the list collapsible, then it’d just be 10 items to start off with instead of 250. certainly much improved.

    any idea where i can look for something like this?

    I so need this functionality, too. Very bad actually. Categorizing posts right now is such a pain! Is there a plugin available by now? Any chance this option will be included in a new version of WP? Would be such a time-saver.

    Thanks in advance!

    Have you tried this?

    I just started using it and it seems to do what your looking for. It takes a little playing around with.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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