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  • I’ve used chroeder’s “MoreLink” a.k.a. “Collapsible More” plugin ( ) for quite a while now and it worked great. I recently discovered what the “Markdown” plugin is for, though, and decided it was something I’d really like to use, too. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that I can activate one plugin or the other, but they won’t play nice if activated at the same time. (Running WP 2.0.5, MoreLink 2.0 beta 1, Markdown 1.0.1d)

    After digging through the author sites and searching here with keywords like “collapsible more” and “markdown”, the closest I have found to a solution was MoreLink’s author recommending users use Textile instead of Markdown. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me much as I prefer the way Markdown works. I tried submitting a comment/question on chroeder’s plugin page (linked above), but can’t tell if it went through because it didn’t show up and still no reply after a few days.

    So…does anyone here know how to make MoreLink and Markdown work at the same time? I’m no code expert, but I can follow well enough to modify code as directed if someone can tell me what to do.

    The Finite Monkey

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