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  • I am using this plugin and it’s wonderful. The plugin author’s site and all the documentation is gone, however, so I’m hoping someone else might have some experience with it and advice to share.

    I have four collapsible elements on my page. I want one of them to be already expanded when the visitor comes to the page.

    Here is the code for one of the elements, any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    <h3><span class="style2"><strong>#1: October 2 & 3 </strong></span> <a href="#" onclick="xcollapse('X4863');return false;"> <img src="" alt="expand" width="9" height="11" /></h3></a>
    <div id="X4863" style="display: none; background: transparent;">
    <p><strong>Saturday,  October 2, 2010 at 8 pm</strong> &ndash; Killian Hall at MIT, Cambridge<br />
     <strong> Sunday,  October 3, 2010 at 4 pm</strong> &ndash; Rivera Hall at Rivers School Conservatory, Weston<br />
    TAKEMITSU<img src="" alt="spacer" width="30" height="10" />&ldquo;and  then I knew &lsquo;twas wind&rdquo; for flute, viola and harp<br />
    NIELSEN<img src="" alt="spacer" width="30" height="10" /> Woodwind  Quintet, Op. 43<br />
    MOZART<img src="" alt="spacer" width="30" height="10" />Adagio  in C for English horn and strings K.580<br />
    SCHOENFIELD<img src="" alt="spacer" width="30" height="10" /><em>Caf&eacute; Music</em> for piano trio</p>
    <p><a href="">Buy Tickets</a> | <a href="">Directions & Parking</a> | Learn More </p>
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