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    Hi everyone,
    is there a way to make the content collapsed before the page completely load? my page has lot of content, and it takes 5 seconds to collapse everything, it’s pretty annoying x)

    i saw there is this strategy: <div class=”content_collapse_wrapper”> </div>
    but is there an other way? can’t edit all of my posts.

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  • Plugin Author Baden


    I’ll still have to edit the 50+ collapse elements :/
    I believe i’ll do it only for the content at the top of the page.

    edit: I unchecked “Only load scripts with shortcode.” and “Only load CSS with shortcode.” and it works now thanks 🙂

    edit2: new issue, now there is text from collapsed content leaking outside of the website, and bellow the footer, wtf is this hahaha. not sure if it comes from the plugin or the theme. it’s fine i’ll keep the expanded loading time even if it’s annoying.

    Plugin Author Baden


    can you share a link to your page?
    it could just be that you are using float elements and need to add a clear:both element after the last collapse like so:
    <div style="clear:both"></div>

    When i put this it just simply show it raw in text form.

    I prefer not to share the link in public, it’s not warez or anything but, prefer not.

    It’s ok i’ll keep it like before, too complicated, certainly a broken theme. Thanks anyway.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Did you just copy-paste the clear div while in Visual mode? If so, it would have copied the text formatting as well. You must paste in Text mode.
    But whatever. Issue marked as resolved.

    yes i made that mistake. i did it in text mode and problem still there.

    i tried with an other theme, first i got a nginx gateway error, couldnt load the single page where the problem appear (others fine). then i succeed loading it (removing mapstatic and putting it back), but now i see multiple youtube video in full size in the whole left of the page.

    i believe this thing makes your plugin bug.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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