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  • Ok
    this post is dedicated to all the plugin-users, who are as dumb as I where php and shortcode is concerned:

    you can easily manage the collapse_details or the link_to_event details by just putting the extra shortcode phrases between the brackets, no need to murk in the source-code of the php-files of the plugin.

    In my case, I wanted to display the details of the events only on an extra page:

    so instead of only adding
    on the wordpress-page, where the calender schould appear, I just had to add the short code as shown below
    [event-list show_details=single_event_only link_to_event=events_with_details_only]

    and so easy!!!
    this is such a great plugin!!
    Thank you!
    Ich glaub es sind nicht alle so blöd wie ich, aber es wird schon einige geben, denen dieses posting hoffentlich helfen wird – dann hab ich mich nicht umsonst als doofo geoutet!


    I’ve been trying to set the short code to filter events for a specific time frame onto my site.

    I’ve been trying to do what is suggested above, but the events don’t filter as described. For example, I have this short code on my page: [event-list date_filter=2017-04], thinking that it would show all events scheduled for April of 2017. However, the code still lists only upcoming events.

    If I modify the shortcode to filter by category or even numbers, all I get is “no upcoming event”. I would like a way to keep the events created for a specific time period available on the page.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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