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  • I tried out some helpfull plug-ins to make our rowing club page more like a community and help structuring communication, events/dates and tasks. I ended up using BuddyPress which I had to get fit into pages theme (newwpthemes). Page I am talking about is (German language).

    After an awefull long search I found BuddyPress Group Calender (

    Then we were missing a planner for tasks to be done to make approaches with workjobs for the club. I found CollabPress, like it and it’s great that it also fits into BuddyPress, BUT: the calendar of CollabPress and BuddyPress Group Calendar doesn’t work together, BP Group Cal. is nocked out by CollabPress Calendar.

    Is there any chance to solve this? I think it could be of use for other users as well to have these plug-ins work together or as BP GC is a paid plug-in maybe an alternative for it that is also included to BuddyPress?! I need a calendar for teams where they can post events like trainings for their team, invite and applicate for the events and have a list who attends!

    Looking forward to your answers as well as to upcoming updates of CollabPress and BuddyPress as well.



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  • Nice suggestion Harald. I’m working on a similar concept – a team site that combines events organisation with task management / project planning and I have a very similar requirement: to aggregate to-do’s with meetings and events.

    In my case I was looking at the all-in-one calendar because I like the look and feel (especially the upcoming events widget) but this is a generic question – how to integrate tasks on an events calendar or vice-versa.

    +1 for a solution to this!

    Must add my experience here: we use both CollabPress and Group Calendar, and they were compatible with some tweaks until the most recent updates to BuddyPress and CollabPress. I’m hoping to hear back from our programmer and will try to post when I do, but for now my site is really hurting because we needed both calendars, and now only have the CollabPress calendar.

    Just saw this same post from Halloweenie on WPMU DEV board. Have used the “disable” on CollabPress to make our Event Calendar visible, but still need to find a way to make the Project Calendar accessible. Suggestions?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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