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  • reluctantangel


    I had posted this several days ago. Does anyone have any ideas?

    My question is this: Are there any WP collaborative tools out there? The main feature I am looking for is a way to message other users from within the admin panel. Something that allowed for me to write a note, and I could either choose to have it show up for another specific user when they login, or perhaps a group note, where I can post a note that will be seen by any of the other users when they login. And replies would be possible between the users. A very basic bulletin board, even text only would be fine, in the back end to allow users to communicate, nothing full featured or bloated. A clean and easy message system in the admin panel only. Does anyone know of a plugin that would make this possible?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • vkaryl


    I don’t think there’s anything like this…. there IS a more than decent forum plugin:

    You could probably just use one of the IM programs until something like that evolves in either wp or xdforum.



    Never heard of anything like that. I admit, for multi-author use it would be wonderful, but WP is still mainly a “personal publishing system” (quote from the About page from this site 🙂 – so, I guess, this is not on the urgent TODO list for most of those involved with WP.



    Well that is kind of a bummer. I love wordpress and use it on 3 sites, but only one is multi user. I think since multi user is supported with personal publishing being the main focus, perhaps in the future the multiple author portions of the code could be expanded upon to make collaborating between users a little bit easier. In the meantime we shall use the CJB Note plugin, not the best solution but it kinda sorta works for our needs. I will check out this forum plugin, perhaps if the address was not shared we could restrict it to authors only. If anyone thinks of anything else, please do let me know.



    If you want to get tricky… 😉

    You could probably create a private/protected post, and use the comments system for messages between the admin users. Beyond that, you could then overhaul the admin dashboard to show the RSS for those comments (could be one or more posts, frankly). And, if you ALL insert the same RSS in your dashboard linking to that post/comments, across all your sites, it’d become a fairly live system (depending on the RSS ‘refresh’ speed specified in the underlying script… I have my own, so have no clue what Magpie does…).


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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