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  • Maybe it’s me, not used to working with Colibri, but it seems to cause so many problems:

    • I get colours reset to the default Colibri scheme every time I change the front page hero. As there is no way to save my default I have to manually edit and add all my custom colours every time. Colibri support’s answer was to disable ALL my other plugins and try again. How is that practical?
    • I can’t seem to use Colibri to edit posts – is that right? If I try to edit from the Posts list there is no option to use Colibri. If I edit in Gutenberg, there is no Colibri option and if I view the post I only get an option to ‘Edit template with Colibri’ on the WP toolbar.
    • Furthermore, I built my first post page as a pop-up form. Now every post page shows that pop-up form no matter what other content I put on the page. There is no hero or anything else that should be duplicated – just the navigation element in the header, a form container element in the content and a footer.
    • Links are behaving erratically. I have a page where I want a link from a heading block and the same link from a Read more…. line in the text. Exactly the same link is pasted in both locations. The one in the text works, the one on the heading gives me a 404 error. I’ve tried instead letting Colibri generate the link by typing a key word and selecting the page from the drop down in the link dialog – same problem, still a 404.
    • I have pages where I have a side bar containing widgets that appears as a standard element on a lot of pages. The side bar is fixed at 350px and the main column is set to expand to available space. The layout is saved as a reusable block. However, when it is added on a new page, stuff still changes. On some pages it works perfectly. On others the widget spacing changes and things move out of line. On other pages the formatting of list items changes. On other pages the side bar no longer fits beside the main content and falls below it, despite none of the layout being changed.
    • Add to that silly problems such as duplicating an accordion block to find the new blocks picked up the IDs from the existing block and so over-wrote the content of the previous ones as I changed the content in the duplicated ones. And of course they are collapsed accordions so you merrily edit your way down the page to find you’ve just destroyed all your previous content.

    In my plug-ins I see both Colibri Page Builder and Colibri Page Builder Pro. Disabling the non-pro version doesn’t seem to help matters, but how did I end up with 2 anyway?

    Finally, there seem to be lots of what I’d call basic web site design items missing – lists for example. What if I don’t want an icon list? Just an ordered or unordered list. I have to create that as a shortcode and now maintain parts of a page in 2 separate places, plus I have to view the page to assess the layout – I can’t see the content in the editor. It’s the same with tables – another really basic, really structural element, yet the only option without resorting to a third party plugin is a pricing table. I’m sure there’s other basic elements missing.

    Overall, I am really not happy with Colibri. The theme looked great and off the back of that, our company bought a permanent business licence for multiple sites. If Colibri cannot answer these problems and improve the theme, we will be asking for our money back.

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hello,

    For support for pro version please contact the author at or using the site contact form

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    I’d actually quite like to see some public answers to these problems, to save other users going through the same un-ending, un-ravelling series of issues. It’s like being nibbled to death by ducks. One duck can’t kill you, but if each little harmless duck keeps nibbling away, as more and more come along, eventually they overwhelm you!



    I’m having issues with the block editor on Colibri. I purchased a Business Lifetime subscription in January 2021. It’s not a flexible theme, and messes up what you try to accomplish. The site is very attractive, but the editing is impossible.
    Now,This company’s theme is negatively affecting my online business. I’m unable to add new blocks or edit existing blocks in any way. As soon as I add text, when I click on another part of the webpage, everything disappears that was in the block. The block is still there, but empty.
    I’ve had an ongoing issue and Colibri Support is non responsive. I’ve tried all the links such as and I logged into my account and messaged them directly from there, and sent several emails. No response to assist me with this issue.
    I’m thinking I need to rebuild my site on a different theme and abandon Colibri for good. I’m so disappointed, this theme had pretty good reviews; makes me think many of the reviews are false or paid for. I definitely will get a refund for the $240 rip off.

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