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  • I have the ColdStone 3.5. Can’t tell from what the latest version is, or if it is Mobile Responsive.
    Can anyone tell me if it has been updated. I am using the business version of the theme if it makes a difference.
    Their website says, themes are constantly updated, but, the Worpress themes 2012, 2013, and 2014 all show up as having updates, but, Coldpress does not have an update on it, so, I’m wondering.

    I would be interested in upgrading if I could update the theme..

    I am new to WordPress.. I get help from time to time from different people, so please assume I’m not too smart here. I can do some amazing things, but, I have to be honest, I don’t have much of a clue about wordpress just yet. I am not certain what version of WordPress I am running.. It is suggesting an upgrade to 3.91. I could not find the current version.

    I did start to upgrade, but got delayed trying to find and decide on a backup plugin to back everything up first. I’m sure the upgrade is no big deal, but, a backup is in order.. Not like I can ftp my files like I used to..

    If Coldstone has not been updated for whatever reason, I don’t quite have the time to convert everything over to a new theme, thinking it might get pretty involved for me. I would rather just focus on creating a simple mobile page/pages, with phone number, Navigation, Intro text, rates/trip times, etc.. and wait until I have more time to tackle the whole site.. After October, the traffic falls off, and would be much better than now.
    I just spent about 6 hours looking at different editor plugins, just trying to find one that would search and replace.
    I found one here I thought would really help: (thrive Content Builder)
    and which looks pretty slick and easy, but, not really the kind of site that I have, but, I could work with it.

    I wasn’t that good a Dreamweaver before, but, I could usually get what I needed out of it, eventually.. I just don’t do websites for some reason. The Thrive program, I see will take a lot of my headaches away with formatting, etc..

    I just thought I would mention those things, in case someone wanted to comment, but, really need to know about ColdStone being updated, and if not, would a Mobile plugin be what I am looking for, or completely converting over to a new theme…
    The conversion from my old site to this wordpress site took quite a while for me.. I would imaging changing themes might also, but, I’m not sure what would be worse.. Seems making a mobile page/pages would be easier.. I actually have one about right, but, need to go back and move things around more, and tweak the text..

    Any help or comments would be much appreciated.

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