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  • So I love the app.. but have a few basic questions. Hope you can answer them…(1) with the coinpayment i really storing coins on my server? Or is it being housed on coinpayment?.
    And it is just mirrored on to my site?
    If yes, are all the wallets on my server housed under my account or are they separate on coinpayment?
    If no…well disregard the question.
    Second question, on the off chance of server going down.. or if plug is deactivated. On coinpayment I noticed it created new wallets when I reconnected.
    So I do have a concern. That even though I am in development, that when I go live that.. if God forbid my servers go down or somehow the plug-in goes off line. That my clients will have new wallets and some how have no access to the old ones.
    I don’t know if this would apply?
    I havent tested with my own personal account I have with coin payment. Have not tested to see if funds are transffered over. Because I can have access to all of the accounts that are recreated on my coinpayment account..(my accounts I mean)
    I hope this makes sense… I love your plugins..I’m also a paid member and want to encourage you to keep up the amazing work

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    First of all, thanks for your kind words.

    When you use one of the cloud wallets, the private keys (and therefore the funds) are stored on the third party service, in this case CoinPayments. The transactions are mirrored on your site. If on the other hand you use the full node adapters, the private keys are stored on the server where you are running the full nodes. Again, the transactions are mirrored on your site. Your WordPress installation never holds private keys, only keys to access the wallets.

    1. All the coin adapters, cloud wallets and full node wallets do a 1-to-N mapping between wallet and users. This means that all the user funds are stored in one wallet (per coin).

    2. The CoinPayments adapter does not create new wallets when you reconnect. Perhaps you are referring to deposit addresses?

    kind regards

    P.S. In the future please note that this forum here on is for the main plugin. The support forum for the CoinPayments adapter is at

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