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  • I’d like to at this site:

    Reduce the width of the posts on the main page and post pages, i.e. add more white padding to the left and right.

    I’m guessing it is somewhere in this bit of the CSS, but I seem to have changed every number (changing back afterwards) without any impact at all…

    /* Post area */
    .hentry{font-weight:normal; margin-bottom:2em}
    .entry-content{font:1.3em/1.8em Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; text-align:justify; color:#444; margin: auto}
    .entry-content p{margin:0em 0 0.5em 0em}
    * html .entry-content p{margin:0em 0}

    But I’m far from an expert – trial and error, mostly the latter, is my normal method off operation.

    All help most gratefully received…

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  • I don’t know the theme but it has various settings for different columns widths etc, if you are keeping them as they are then:

    Adding more width to one section will mean reducing the other section.

    the width of #container .two-thirds.column is set to 620px if you want to add 10px to the left you will have to reduce the width by 10px to 610px then add to the style sheet margin-left:10px;

    This looks alright but it depends if you are going to change the column widths elsewhere.

    It looks better with:
    .container .two-thirds.column { width: 600px; margin-left:20px; }

    You could also play with the other column on the right.

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