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  1. echofish
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I'll try to explain as detailed as possible, but my knowledge of php is very very limited and this is basically what my brain have successfully managed to grasp. I do realise there must be a much smarter way of doing this, so thats really why I'm posting here.

    I am trying to code an esport match plugin. Each match consists of two team and each of those two teams has 9 players (which differs every time). Each player should have one field (form) for Name, one for Origin, and 4 social fields where links to website/facebook/twitter/youtube should be available.

    I've tampered very little with php, and whilst I can understand some of it, I'm having a hard time writing the stuff myself. Below I've included one way I *figured* would work - although I haven't tried it myself yet (mainfunction is match).

    function match_teams(){
            add_meta_box( 'match_teams',
                'Match Teams',
                'match', 'normal', 'high'
        function display_match_teams(){
            global $post;
            $custom = get_post_custom($post->ID);
            $t1_p1_name = $custom["t1_p1_name"][0];
            $t1_p1_dep = $custom["t1_p1_dep"][0];
            $t1_p1_web = $custom["t1_p1_web"][0];
            $t1_p1_yt = $custom["t1_p1_yt"][0];
            $t1_p1_fb = $custom["t1_p1_fb"][0];
            $t1_p1_t = $custom["t1_p1_t"][0];
            $t1_p2_name = $custom["t1_p2_name"][0];
            $t1_p2_dep = $custom["t1_p2_dep"][0];
            $t1_p2_web = $custom["t1_p2_web"][0];
            $t1_p2_yt = $custom["t1_p2_yt"][0];
            $t1_p2_fb = $custom["t1_p2_fb"][0];
            $t1_p2_t = $custom["t1_p2_t"][0];

    And so on. Structure is tx_px_xxx (team1_player1_social).

    As you see, this would end up with a little bit over 100 variables and this -can not- be the optimal way of doing what I want. I can also imagine it will be unnecessarily difficult to save each of the variables in the database.

    In theory, I would want to make something that I later could output in wordpress as a loop that loops team one and team two but still retain the possibility of styling I have when I would output each variable.

    I would never request someone to code this for me, but I need some pointing in the right direction, even if it's a specific area of php I need to learn more about. I appreciate all help I can get as I feel pretty lost here. Thanks in advance!

  2. s_ha_dum
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Ok. I do not entirely understand what you are doing, but it looks like you have several components and are trying to save them in a giant monolithic block. I don't think you need to do that. For example, your players can be saved separately.

    $players['player-name-or-other-identifier'] = array(
        'name'   => 'Player Name',
        'origin' => 'Player Origin',
        'social' => array(
            'website'  => '',
            'facebook' => '',
            'twitter'  => ''
            'youtube'  => ''
    ); // repeat for each player

    You could save that array to *_options. Then when you make your matches you just need to save the teams, the team composition, and the player-name-or-other-identifier key, like:

    $teams['t1'] = array(
    $teams['t2'] = array(
    $match['match-identifier'] = array('t1','t2');

    You could even randomize like:

    $teams[t1] = array(array_rand($players,9));
    $teams[t2] = array(array_rand($players,9));

    That may look more complicated but I think it will actually simplify what you are doing by giving you more granular pieces to work with.

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