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  • Well, my site has a short stories section powered by wordpress and I update it quite often. On the page before the short stories section, I plan to have a page that lists down all the titles in realtime, meaning to say list down the titles of all the posts in the short stories section. I want titles to add themselves when I post a story.
    Other than that, I wish to have something like that on my selector page
    Short Stories (number of stories)
    Poems (Number of poems)
    Sorta like the way the post count is displayed for each category in the categories page.
    Short stories and poems are seprate categories. I dont know much about PHP 😛 so help me!!

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  • looks like what you are wanting to do is quite a ways beyond simple blogging, which may be the primary intent of WP. It would really help you to learn some PHP and mySQL, since you would need to use PHP scripts to query your data in a mySQL database.
    I’ve done something similar to what you are after on my flight poetry website. I had to learn some PHP and a few mySQL commands. There are entire books dedicated to exactly this topic, so there’s plenty of info out there on how to do what you are after.
    OTOH, maybe one of the readers here has already done something similar to what you are after. Good luck!

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