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  • I’m sure that all of what I need is possible using wordpress commands but I’m having a hard time figuring each one out and combining them. Here is what I need:

    A specific authors 5 most recent posts matching the “whatever” category.

    When displaying we want the:

    1 – Post title with link (displaying the first x amount of characters)
    2 – Posted on “x date”
    3 – Post first x amount of characters of the post content text with “read more” link at end
    4 – Then get post ID ‘custom_image_upload’ which is a custom upload field I have for the posts.

    Somehow I need to be able to control each of the above fields via css.

    Here is a mockup image to check out:

    Thank you so much for any help with this!

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  • Michael


    Forum Moderator

    Yes, it’s for a page template…

    I’ve posted what I needed help with.

    I have been reading those, googling, etc. I just can’t figure out all the exact commands and I especially can’t figure out how to combine them.

    I know how to get the 5 posts by the author. I know how to get the title but I don’t know how to limit characters and I certainly don’t know how to combine it. I also know how to pull the image I need.

    I know CSS and I know HTML just fine but now how to integrate them into the wordpress commands. I have built numerous websites and customized many blogs on my own. BUT, my knowledge is extremely limited when it comes to wordpress, php, and that kinda thing. If I start posting “what I have” it’s a million mix and max piles of garbage and waste of time. I came here to get help as that’s what the hacks support forum was for I thought.

    I’m EXTREMELY willing to pay somebody but I’ve had a bad experience with one developer, 3 others that were recommended by Woo Themes and they never bothered to return my email after weeks, then I got the 4th contact to respond and they turned me down without ever providing a quote. I’ve taken weeks to try and get this done, I’m past my deadline, and fed up with developers. Heck, I even have requests on 2 popular web dev forums in the ‘hire’ area and no response. So, at this point I was just trying to get a little help coding something that I feel is not very complex for an experienced coder. For YEARS I’ve put my hand in at helping others in photography, design, you name it forums and now I’m hoping to get a little back when I need it.

    But I guess I’ll post AGAIN in a jobs area and hope my job will be good enough for somebody to bother taking on or even returning my email.

    I’ve now posted to that site but nothing shows under ‘jobs’, there is no email confirmation, and there is no way to login to the site to verify your listing or “delete it” as they say.

    Wondering if the site is bogus to add to my list of questions…

    I submitted it again and it appears to have gone through this time. It actually asked me to verify etc. Before it just disappeared after I filled out the form and proceeded.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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