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    I have my UA code number and a script snippet to put in the code, but I do not know where to put it. One person has said to put it in the footer. Another says before the Body. I thought that footer requires CSS which I know nothing about. Second, Boldly Blue has very little code at all and seems to be connected to Stargazer. In both Boldly Blue and Starqazer there are caveats about even changing or adding code due to consequences when they upgrade the theme. I like Boldly Blue but if I cannot even set up Google Analytics or change code, what’s the point? Please tell me if this can be fixed or should seek out a more versatile theme` If I can put it in the code without dire consequences. please tell me precisely where it goes. Thanks.

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  • Most themes do not have an option for adding custom HTML or JavaScript. For those themes that do not, you can create a child theme, that’s pretty much the standard way of modifying a theme.

    If you don’t want to create a child theme, I like using the Header and Footer plugin. It has a lot of options for inserting code, like just on the Home page, on every page, in the head section, in the footer, etc. A plus is that it has an option for enabling the Facebook Open Graph metatags, in case your theme doesn’t support that as well.

    Once you install the plugin, go to Settings > Header and Footer. You can add your Google Analytics code in the field labeled Code to be added on HEAD section of every page. Please note that it will take a day or two for your statistics to start showing up on Google Analytics.

    Hello, PHX242,
    Thank you for downloading Boldly Go Blue, and for posting your question in the forums.

    First, I always recommend putting JavaScript in the footer, as this allows for faster page loads. If you put it in the head, people on slow connections & mobile devices will have to wait for the code to be downloaded & parsed before they can actually view the page.

    Secondly, rather than try to add the Google Analytics code manually, I would highly recommend using a plugin to do this for you. You could use the one that CrouchingBruin mentioned. There are many others. I like Yoast personally, he does great work, and he has created a plugin called Google Analytics for WordPress. You can install it with just a few clicks from your installation’s Plugin Administration menu, or click here to download it from the repository.

    Finally, I don’t think you have to worry about dire consequences 🙂 As with all WordPress themes, you’re welcome to change the source code yourself, and there is a convenient code editor within your wp-admin that will allow you to do this without any special software. In this case, “Boldly Go Blue” is already a child theme of Stargazer, so it inherits the parent theme’s functionality. The author of the parent theme discourages people from modifying it for the reasons you stated. The child theme, on the other hand, simply makes some changes to the colors, and gives the navigation menu a fixed position. You can’t do much to mess it up; and if you do, you can always re-install it and start over.

    If you have any other questions, let us know.

    Here’s how inexperienced I am. I went to the Yoast website and tried to download the plug-in for Analytics. Then I got this RAr thing. I proceeded blindly ahead. Well, something came down and went somewhere. When I search I find the files but they must be floating about because no plug-in was installed in my Dashboard. There is nothing in Control Panel or programs — just a folder on Desktop which I haven’t the slightest idea what to do with. Ah well, Yoast is probably too complicated anyway. Geez, if I can’t even get a download, I am in over my head on this. Guess Ill try something else.



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    I tried to install Analyticator which is what I used on my first blog.
    However, I am informed with “unable to authenticate using Auth Token. So I reentered the UA number and got same result. I haven’t any idea how to investigate an SSL problem which may be the culprit. I am trying to see if there is a time/date error on the server. That’s another learning curve. When I set up my first blog it went perfectly. I hate to think I have to work with Google to straighten this out. That IS discouraging. I’m up the creek and paddle has broken.

    I’m not familiar with Analyticator, is it a paid plugin? The “auth token” will be verified by the plugin author, it’s not the same as your Google Analytics ID number.

    Easiest plugin installation is through your website’s wp-admin. From the dashboard select Plugins > Add New. In the search box you can type in part of the name of the plugin you want, such as “Google Analytics” or “Header and Footer.” This will bring up a ton of plugin options. Select the one you think sounds easiest to work with and click the “Install Now” link. A security dialog pops up, click “OK.” Once the plugin is installed, click the “Activate Plugin” link. From there you can configure it and add your GA code from the plugin’s options menu, which is usually found under the “Settings” menu in your sidebar.

    Well, thanks, I have done all of that. Analyticator is in the repository and comes up as a WordPress option with four stars. Works well with my other blog. It has been recently updated. I will completely remove it and try something else.Is there an alternative to Google Analytics or is it the 4oo pound gorilla? I am not going to try FTP or a manual operation — just another learning curve and I have only played with Filezilla.

    Is there an alternative to Google Analytics or is it the 4oo pound gorilla?

    I use Google Analytics on all of my sites with no problem, and it’s very easy. See my original post above, all you have to do is use the Header and Footer plugin to add your code. The amount of code that you’re adding for Google Analytics is very small, so it shouldn’t impact the load time whether you add the code in the head section or in the footer.

    Well, I really appreciate your time, but I don’t know what to do with that RAr that comes up. I guess it is an unzipper and I don’t know whow to use it. Do I click on Extractor or what? I am really sorry to be such a pain.

    You don’t have to mess around with an RAR file or FileZilla, just install it directly from your WP site’s admin dashboard using mardesco’s instructions above.

    Well, another milestone! I got the plug-in loaded and I put the script on every page and saved it. I already had the UA code in. Now, I guess I wait. Right? My site has been active for four or five days so I guess it will take awhile. Still a little bit concerned that I have been authenticated by the Google god. Anyway, thanks so much to all of you. I had no idea how to do the zip setup until today. WordPress help is a great place. Thanks for your patience. Google could take a lesson from you folks — a lesson in support.

    Can we keep this thread open for just a little longer?

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    Yes we can 🙂

    Should I see in the Appearance editor the script I just entered?

    No, you won’t see it in the editor. What’s the link to your site? You should be able to see it by doing a view source from your browser.

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