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  • I just found that there was a serious error added to the description of a theme I submitted. A user went through adding descriptions and described the current theme on my own site rather than the theme itself. In several others he’s done the same thing adding descriptions that are obviously wrong like “sidebar on right on all views” on a couple of one column (i.e. no sidebar) themes. So bottom line, lots of wrong descriptions have been added to this page because of this users confusion.

    P.S. I don’t want to “name names” but admin should be able to tell who did these. If there’s any way to mass delete his edits to that page, it would probably be wise.

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  • Requests have gone out to many Theme authors requesting they add keyword descriptions to the Codex Theme List. You were also notified via your user page.

    The current list is not very usable and the Codex documentation volunteers are working on ways to increase its usability by providing keywords to help users search down the page for Themes that meet their needs. These are not reviews but keywords users will search for to find the information they need, like if there is one or two sidebars and if a sidebar is on the left or right, and so on.

    Here is a better warning. Volunteers will be visiting Themes listed on the Codex Theme List and adding keyword descriptions to the List. Authors may edit them, or add them themselves, but there will be keywords that describe the Themes added.

    It is important we help the users FIND the themes they need.

    Instructions for how and what types of keywords to add to the listed Themes are found at the top of the Theme List and specific instructions are here. Volunteers and Theme authors are requested to help us fill in the blanks, and your help is welcome to help WordPress users get the searchable information they need to find themes. It’s a great way to check out a lot of themes and see how they all work.

    As volunteers and authors update and add the new information, we are indeed finding some themes have been placed in the wrong section (this will also help us improve categorizing themes) and many links that lead to dead sites or wrong pages. Volunteers are working to update the list and clean it up as much as possible.

    All help is welcome.

    “Volunteers will be visiting Themes listed on the Codex Theme List and adding keyword descriptions to the List.”

    I think that’s the issue. This volunteer has been visiting the author’s sites and describing the theme in use at the site instead of the theme listed. I’ve seen it on several of the themes and when I checked them, the description was just wrong. I’d “fix” them myself, but in many cases the theme authors description is gone and there is nothing left but the incorrect description.

    Old Train is described as having a sidebar and has none.

    Manji is described as having a sidebar on the right and as I recall, it has none.

    Do what you feel is best, but it seems kind of counterproductive to add descriptions that are wrong.

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