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  • Two questions.

    First – do I have to download codex searcher and install it before the search box in the corner of this forum will work?

    Second – the download instructions for the plugin say the following:

    “There are no instructions in this package. To install, unzip the archive to your wp-content/plugins directory, and then activate the plugin”

    Where will I find the “wp-content/plugins directory”? Is it in the management tools for my web host or is it in my hard drive or is it in the admin pages of my WordPress dashboard?

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  • First) The search box on the top right of the forum is broken. It doesn’t seem to report ANY findings for ANY words.

    Second) What plugin are you talking about? Could you post a link here.


    the page “New to Word Press? Where to start” suggested downloading the “codex searcher” I’ve copied the text which included a link which doesn’t look like its activated in the posting box. This is what it said. I followed the link to the download site but as my question indicates I don’t know where to aim the download.

    After installing WordPress and going through the following process step-by-step, consider making your first plugin installation the Codex and Forum Searcher Plugin ( It allows you to search both the WordPress Codex and WordPress Support Forum ( from your WordPress Administration Panels. Click on one of the search results and the page will open in a new window or tab so you can have the article or discussion open while working on WordPress. This will make your transition to WordPress a much gentler one with information right at your finger tips.

    When I try to download this plugin by following the link to the asymptomatic site I get the following message:
    “Sorry, your request headers are not acceptable here. You may not enter this site.”
    So how do I get the plugin?
    Has this happened with anyone else?

    I am getting the same message as johnbaker. I am using the Opera web browser. How do I read the asymptomatic site?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Thank you … any ideas on the error message (Sorry, your request headers are not acceptable here. You may not enter this site.) and how to work around it?


    The plugin you want should be found here:

    The direct download link is here:

    The problems you’re having with unacceptable request headers are a result of your browser (or ISP) sending messages that you can’t see to my web server that my web server doesn’t like. This really shouldn’t be a problem now, since I’ve changed servers since your original request. Also, I’ve just tested the site with Opera, and it’s working fine. If you’re still having issues, try Podz’s download or email me directly.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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