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  • I’ve been plowing through the documentation as I work on a project and I happened across this function reference in the codex:

    It’s true that it’s to be depreciated in WP3.1. Does it make since to have the documentation reflect such a change when the production release (3.0.5) and get_users_of_blog() is still the function to use to get a list of users? Or is it fine so long as the version it is depreciated is listed on the article?

    I reverted the page back to reflect that it was not depreciated but it was reverted quickly back to it’s original state. I’m probably just missing something and was hoping someone would shed some light on this.

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  • 3.1 is close enough that calling it deprecated NOW will prevent someone from coding it and being livid when it’s gone in a few weeks.



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    Yeah. Codex does generally follow the current release, but if somethings about to change Real Soon Now and there’s no harm in offering an alternative, then it probably makes sense to do so.

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