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  • Am I the only one who sees the weird alignment in Codex? It’s like everything is pushed over to the right, making it very difficult to read.

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  • Yup, it’s there. Netscape 7.2 and IE 6. Lots of fun.

    Yup, it’s there. Netscape 7.2 and IE 6. Lots of fun.

    And Firefox 2.0. Even at full screen. (and I’m running 1280×1024.)

    Is this a fixable problem? 🙂

    What’s it do for you when using the “monobook” theme? Just was wondering..

    In monobook, it just looks like the normal MediaWiki theme.

    Dion Hulse


    Lead Developer

    I was just about to start a thread on this..
    Changing to the monobook theme changes the display, but its an auful theme, I much prefer the codex look.

    Its there in Opera as well.

    the problem is this stylesheet:
    #content { float: right; width: 549px; margin-top: 39px; }
    The width is locked to 549px regardless of the screen resolution.
    Its been done as it seems the sidebar refuses to show near the top of the page if its specified any other way..
    a slight improvement is this:
    #content { float: right; width: 80%; margin-top: 39px; }
    Unfortunatly that still doesnt look right..

    I cant manage to find a way to get both the sidebar and the content to display side-by-side in a fluid manner.. Theres a stray CSS rule hidden somewhere(That i cant manage to spot) which is preventing them from playing nice.. I’ve got a feeling the last person may have hit the same thing and just given in and used this fixed-width layout?

    If theres someone out there who can fix it.. please do suggest a fix for it..

    You might have better luck joining the WP-DOCS email list, and posting your concerns there. 😉

    Y’know, I’ve been in and out of codex a lot the past few days, and I’m absolutely NOT seeing any display problems. FF….

    Neither am I vkaryl (Vicki)…same version of FF as you have to.

    I’m not using the monobook theme either…. just the normal…. (though I have to say there’s nothing inherently wrong with monobook – it’s easy to read, easy to use….)

    Hahaha, didn’t notice any display issues, mainly because I AM using Monobook… LoL! 😛 And same goes for me, I just got tired of the normal default Codex theme I just had to switch to something easier to read and such.. 😉

    Text shifted, but more seriously, there’s no Talk, aks Discussion Tab.

    Can anybody see a Discussion Tab while they use Codex? Monobook displays the Discussion tab just fine, but Codex… nope. I’m using FF, but had the same problem with This is not good.

    Firefox here. That’s the version I’ve got the mis-aligned pages on. No discussion tab on the Codex theme for me, either.

    No discussion tab, but I don’t care about that anyway….

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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