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  • Use your ftp client or the file manager in your hosts control panel to replace just the file you were editing, or the entire theme if you like, and you should be back in business. You can get a fresh copy from here if you need it.

    I am unable to login, so how do I get to my control panel? Thanks for your reply!

    I am unable to login, so how do I get to my control panel?

    I’m not referring to logging into your WordPress site.

    If you use the first choice, an FTP client, you have direct access to the files located in your account at your hosting service. You won’t need access to your WordPress dashboard.

    If you choose the second option, the file manager that’s located in the management tools section in the account provided to you by your hosting service – cPanel perhaps? – you will only need to log into your hosting account (again, not your WordPress dashboard) in order to manage your files.

    I downloaded Cyberduck and I’m having trouble connecting. I’ve looked at tons of tutorials and walk-throughs and something always goes wrong. Cyberduck picked up the WordPress site as a bookmark, but when I go to login I put in “admin” for the username (that’s what I use on WP) and my password, but I get “530 Login Incorrect.” Is this what I should be trying to do in the first place?

    Is cPanel better? Thanks!

    It seems you don’t use FTP.
    Try via cPanel. It’s all same.

    You can replace the header.php file, with a clean unedited copy.

    Okay I finally connected to FileZilla. I have (somehow) managed to navigate through and get all the way to my theme. I thought the problem was in the “Header” section of the theme (WP 2012), but that connection failed. So did the footer (I clicked that just to see if it was actually the header that was the problem or the theme in general). Since none of that will let me “open” (or transfer?) it, what do I do from here? You suggested to replace it- how? Thanks!

    I transferred header.php from the theme folder to my site and chose to “overwrite” the file. It said it was successful. I tried to login to WP and it still has the same error. Suggestions?

    If you edited header.php — for logo – then certainly you need to replace that file with a clean copy.

    ==>The best way — if you haven’t done much editing — then you can re-load a fresh copy of 2012 theme.

    ==>The second best — Upload just the header.php file in 2012.

    ””’For all you future edits you may want to use a decent text-editor like Notepad++ , it actually can undo a lot of changes that you made in the text files, no matter you saved it or not. You can always undo changes.””””

    Sorry, I didn’t see you message, I was writing at that time.

    –>Are you sure you edited the header.php when you get that error?

    Thanks, do I upload a new file to the website file from the folder I already have or do I need to download a fresh copy of the theme and THEN upload to overwrite?

    You can use your copy, as long as it is clean.

    I got it! I had to delete EVERYTHING but I got it, and I’m back in business. Thanks so much!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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