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  • RE: Codex. Please resolve the discrepancy in which DATA check boxes need to be checked in backing up a WP database.

    At item #7 shows the DATA section as having the Data box checked and all else within the DATA section unchecked. “Complete inserts” and “Use hexadecimal for BLOB” are unchecked.

    But at — scroll down almost to the bottom of the page, in the “View dump (schema) of database” picture that is marked with red numbers 1 – 6 (it’s just above the “Backup Resources section of the page) — it shows the DATA section (marked with the red number 3) as having not only the Data box checked, but also the “Complete inserts” and “Use hexadecimal for binary fields” boxes are checked.

    So which is it? Checked or unchecked?

    Was this an oversight or are there situations where checked boxes are preferable to un-checked boxes? If there are situations where one way is preferable to the other, then please tell us what those situations are.

    If I undersand it correctly, whatever is checked in the DATA box doesn’t affect the export, but does affect the subsequent import of that database, if I want to use it to restore my website to an earlier time. My site is live; I don’t want to experiment to see which export and therefore import version works on my site and which doesn’t. Because of this discrepancy in your codex, I download both ways when I do a database back up. I have to keep track of which is which. This is time-consuming and error-inducing. I’d like to not have to do it.

    And what is a BLOB? I found no mention of it in MySQL documentation and googling it was a waste of time.

    Thanks for listening.

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