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  • We need you!!!

    The WordPress Codex is the official documentation site for WordPress. All the documents it contains are contributed and edited by volunteers. We’re having a Codex Cleanup Week June 18-26 and we need volunteers to help us clean up the Codex and contribute articles and information.

    We’ve created a huge list of things that need to be done on the Codex Tasks List. There are things to do for the novice and the expert. We need simple cleaning, editing, tag checking, verifying, and new articles.

    To sign up: Codex: Cleanup Week
    List of Things to Do and Sign Up: Codex Tasks List
    Guidelines: Contributing to the WordPress Codex Guidelines
    Need an Assignment: Leave a message on the Codex: Cleanup Week Discussion

    Here are a few examples of what we need:

    * Spell and grammar checked.
    * Layouts fixed up to match the overall look of the Codex. See this article as an example.
    * Validation of the pages to clean up formatting inconsistencies with the markup.
    * Articles for WordPress Lessons – simple “how to” articles covering a wide range of subjects.
    * Technical articles on using WordPress as a CMS, photoblog, and other interesting uses.
    * Technical articles on various conditional tag and Loop usages.
    * Technical article on htaccess and rewrites.
    * Article on how to add feeds to your WordPress site.
    * Article on how to use Asides.
    * Integrating WordPress into your website.
    * Integrating advertising into your WordPress site.

    And the list goes on.

    We will be handing out assignments, so if you have a particular skill area, like writing plugins, CSS, or a good understanding of the WordPress core, let us know what you are up for and we’ll “tell you what to do”. We like doing that. 😉

    We also have a lot of tasks that do not involve editing and writing that need volunteers. If you would like to get involved in helping to promote and organize WordPress and Codex-related activities, please join the WordPress Documentation Mailing List and let us know how you would like to help.

    If you have been looking for a way to contribute to the WordPress Community, this is one of the easiest ways to help. Come join us for some housekeeping. And spread the word. Everyone is invited.

    BYOB and Pizza.

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  • I don’t know much about wiki stuff, but I’d like to help.

    Signed up..

    I would like to help too.
    MY way of giving back to the community!

    Thanks to all! We are starting to get people signed up, and I just thought I’d remind you to check the list of things to do on the Codex Task List and sign your name to anything you want to specifically do.

    If you don’t know what you want to do, then post a note in the discussion on the Codex Cleanup Week Signup Page and we’ll put you to work.

    We’ve added a LOT of things to the Task List that can be done with little or no experience at this. We also have a lot of technical articles that are needed, so if you have really gotten in and gotten your hands dirty with WordPress and you understand and can explain how it works on a specific area, we also need you.

    Lots to do.

    And thanks for helping WordPress!

    We have 16 people signed up for the Codex Cleanup Week that starts on Friday, and already people are pitching in. Wow. We need more volunteers to get all the work done. There is a LOT that needs to be done.

    The Task List has been updated, and more things being added all the time, so check it out.

    Also, if there is a topic that is often discussed on this forum, and you think it deserves a place in the Codex, post a note about it in the Task List Discussion Page and mention if you are up to writing it up for the Codex or if you think it is a topic that needs to be added.


    Wow, there are some volunteers out there eager to get going with the WordPress Codex Cleanup which starts tomorrow. We already have some of the tasks on the Task List completed and we haven’t even begun yet.

    For those getting ready to help us, be sure and sign up and volunteers will be hanging out on the IRC FreeNode chat channel at #wordpress-docs to answer questions and hand out assignments.

    We’ve added more things for beginners to help us with and there are a lot of tasks and articles wanted by experts.

    Thanks to everyone who has already pitched in, and thanks to all those getting ready to attack tomorrow. Going to be fun.

    And remember, BYOB and Pizza!!!!

    Okay, we are not even done with the first day and the volunteers are showing up and helping out on the Codex.

    Abitrary Score so far:

    New Articles: 5
    Tasks Completed: 7


    Come join us. There are menial tasks for the beginner and heavy duty brain burning tasks for the geeks among you. All are welcome.

    I’m in. Will post the article on multiple loops by the end of the weekend. /fingerscrossed!

    Hey, I just signed up for working on:

    I was a little confused about the Draft status on contact information isn’t around there, and I’m ready to get started on writing. What should I do?

    This whole codex thing is new for me. I’ve been using it for a long time, but never gotten into writing things for it. I’m looking forward to helping out. Cya!

    We do a lot of hand holding in the #wordpress-docs IRC chat and on the Codex itself. So welcome to the club and come join the fun!!!

    I expect big things out of you guys!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven


    Over 500 edits to Codex in 3 days – that is amazing work !

    I thought it was more. 😉

    We’re about to release more documents today, but what is really exciting is all the people who are coming in and fixing the boring stuff, like adding categories to the articles, cleaning up the look, and validating the articles. This is all boring but essential stuff that improves the Codex overall.

    Thanks to everyone for pitching in. This is all totally maintained by volunteers, so every effort helps.

    During the Codex Cleanup Week, I’m going to start listing some tasks that need doing here, to encourage people to get involved. Remember, the WordPress Codex is run by volunteers and YOU help us create a solid online manual to support this program.

    Categorizing the Codex
    Difficulty Level: ZERO

    Now that we have a LOT of documentation, we are categorizing them. All that is involved is to go down a list of the articles and to add the main category as listed. It’s a copy and paste, save and move to the next on the list, boring job, but it can be done by anyone.

    To sign up: Task List – Categorizing the Codex
    How to: Instructions and List

    If you have questions, or want to join us, remember, you can also find us on the IRC Freenode #wordpress-docs live chat where will will answer questions, give out assignments, and help as best we can. For more information on using the IRC, see WordPress IRC Support Channels.


    Security in WordPress
    Difficulty Level: HIGH – Expert

    While the Codex cannot tackle every WordPress security concern, it can address the general issue of how WordPress offers a secure program and how to increase your “safety” or security concerns. We need an article that looks at security protection in WordPress with step-by-step instructions on:

    * How to increase the protection level
    * Protection from harvesters
    * How to hide private information
    * How to deal with site hackers
    * Setting file permission levels
    * Password protection for different features
    * What to do and how to know if someone has broken in and changed your files

    If you are up to the task, we need YOU.

    Sign up: Codex Tasks – Security in WordPress

    Once a week the Codex undergoes some maintenance for backups and such, and once in a while it gets stuck.

    We always have a backup plan in place.

    If you are volunteering or what to volunteer by contributing articles, you can search the Codex with Google and view the cached pages.

    words you are searching for

    From the cached pages, you can get the information you need to finish your article, read the task list and find out what needs to be done, and find other material on the Codex.

    We are still standing by to help in the IRC FreeNode for #wordpress-docs. Writing an article or WordPress Lesson can happen without the Codex being online. We can talk about the articles and what to do on the wp-docs mailing list, too.

    If you have an article ready for review, you can also email it to me via my website. Or you can post a question via comments at WordPress Codex Cleanup Announcement on my site. I’ll be monitoring it through the day.

    We planned for this, so there is still plenty to do and a lot of fun to be had. So come join the fun!

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