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  • I’m sorry, I thought I posted this in the support section, instead I ended up writing in the review section, but I can’t erase it…

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    I have 2 issues with the Landing Pages & Leads plugins.

    1) Everytime I edit my one and only landing page so far, it automatically jumps from the text tag to the visual tag (I literally watch it jump before my eyes) and when I revert back, my coding is gone. I always steer away from this visual tag, it’s nasty… This happens every single time with the landing page, so I now have the code in a .txt file but it’s a bit annoying to have to keep editing/copying/pasting a .txt file…

    2) It was either the recent plugin update of Leads OR the new version of WP (around September 10th) that messed up my site a bit. My slider (Fresh & Clean Theme) was not working and my menu was no longer responsive, meaning it disappeared when viewed on a mobile device. I went through the standard WP trouble shooting and the 3rd plugin I deactivated was Leads and that was the culprit, so I trashed it. Although I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, I saw the potential and was sad to see it go, but I had no other choice.

    My website is If you have any suggestions to either of these issues, I would be grateful…


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  • Plugin Author David Wells


    Hey Jess,

    1. If you click on the html tab. It should cookie your view preference and show the current view (html/text) on the next page load. Sure you click on Html/text to set that cookie.

    2. We would need more information on what happened with your menus and stuff. Leads doesn’t do anything to the front end of sites and this sounds like another plugin conflict.

    Did you see specific error messages with leads?

    Thank you so much David for answering so quickly! You guys are awesome in your support! Well, strangely enough, my first problem did not occur today, so maybe it was a cookie thing… Still, very odd, I’ll keep my eye on it…

    As far as Leads is concerned, I updated the latest WP version 2 weeks ago. I think there was a Leads update too, is that correct? I updated everything needing updating on the same day…

    Anyway, I realized the rotater on my slider was turning and turning, nothing was showing up… The slider is from the theme Fresh & Clean. Then someone noticed that my menu was missing on her iphone. And sure enough, the entire menu disappeared as soon as the display shrinks…

    I checked the WP changes on the .php files, nothing odd there. I started to then deactivate each plugin one by one, starting with the ones that I haven’t used yet. And as soon as I deactivated Leads, everything worked again, so I erased it…

    I don’t know how the synergy works between updates of WP and plugins, I have no clue… Just to make sure I’m not crazy, I’ve just reinstalled and activated it again, but the same thing happened, non-working slider and disappearing menu… I did nothing to the Leads plugin, didn’t touch it, change any settings, nothing, just installed and activated… I, however, saw no error messages or anything after the installation of Leads…

    It’s a weird phenomenon… Maybe with the next WP or Leads update, things will work again, but I can’t use it at the moment… 🙁

    Thanks for listening! 🙂

    Unfortunately, now i’m having the same redirect looping problem that everyone else with this plugin seems to be having. I changed my .htaccess file and added this section you suggested to add:, but it does not help… I’m not a techie and do not understand this redirecting stuff at all…

    Why would we even have to touch our .htaccess file in the first place? Publishing a page from a draft should not cause a problem! Please help me, I really want to get my first campaign going…

    ps. the msg. that I needs Leads will not disappear from my WP dashboard no matter how many times I ‘dismiss this notice’, sigh…


    I think I figured it out now!!! I installed and activated 404 Redirected plugin, but didn’t do anything with it. I deactivated it and now I can view my landing page upon publishing…

    What is going on with the symmetry between these plugins? I can’t use Leads with my theme and I can’t use some other plugins if I use Landing Pages??? This is so weird…

    Plugin Author David Wells


    What is the redirect plugin you are using?

    404 Redirected:

    But like I wrote, I did nothing with it, just installed and activated it…

    Plugin Author David Wells


    Redirect plugins write to the htaccess file and it looks like whatever it was doing was conflicting with our plugins.

    For the slider conflicts. Can you link me to a page on your site that has the slider on it?

    It sounds like there are some javascript errors being thrown.

    Plugin Author David Wells


    Hey Jess,

    Can you send me an email at david at inbound now dot com.

    I’d like to take a look at the backend of your site to get everything working perfectly for you/squash any bugs that might exist.

    Talk soon,

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