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  • CodeLights not display any widget at the “Add new widget” page in PageBuilder

    Its only blank page

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  • Same problem here. After the last update of SiteOrigin PageBuilder, the widgets are displayed as “missing widget”. Existing widgets in the pages can no longer be changed. When a page is called, however, they are still displayed.

    Hi @hastic and @frankeck

    For the moment, the only way to resolve would be to rollback Page Builder to the previous version. This can be done manually using the previous version ZIP file or you can use which makes the process quick and easy.

    The fix for this problem would need to come from CodeLights, most likely this line. There hasn’t been an update in over a year. Hopefully, a fix can be made soon.

    Same problem here. We ask ourselves whether to replace this plugin or if it still makes sense to hope for an update.
    The fact that their website currently has an SSL error doesn’t look good, too…

    We ask ourselves whether to replace this plugin or if it still makes sense to hope for an update.

    I don’t think there’s gonna be an update. So far no reaction from CL, not even to GitHub.

    I like the flipboxes, do you know a replacement?

    I like the flipboxes, do you know a replacement?

    That is exact the same thought and question I have, too. Perhaps someone here can give us a hint?

    Thread Starter hastic


    Use the previous version PageBuilder, instal this plugin
    It works

    Use the previous version PageBuilder,

    No, that’s not an option. Also use the premium version of SiteOrigin…

    Use the previous version PageBuilder

    We already did this just to be able to make changes in the old widgets. But this cannot be a solution forever. In Germany we have a saying for sth. like this, it means: “The tail (SiteOrigin Widgets by CodeLights) is fawning with the dog (Page Builder by SiteOrigin).”

    We have this installed on 100+ sites. One of our favorite “go-to” plugins. I’ve spent a couple hours pouring over the code to see if I could see a way to make it compatible with SiteOrigin Page Builder 2.10+, but have not come up with a solution. I would really like to see this plugin continue to be a “go-to” plugin, but with the developer MIA, we may have to abandon it. I’ll continue to monitor this and post something if we find a solution.

    all mentioned tactics didn’t work for me either… monitoring thread 😕

    same issue here 🙁 I’ve tried to check the plugin code but can’t find a solution

    Not a really a solution but rather using a different plugin> wpbakery and ultimate bundle wp bundle does offer a number of similar features, one being called interactive text. I’m a huge fan of MDWP’s designs and they incorporate a lot of this in there as well.

    Hopefully, that helps!

    Hi guys,
    Any recommandation to replace the “Modal Popup” widget ?

    I have discovered you can still use the shortcode version of this plugin within SiteOrigin ( using the SiteOrigin Editor. Not ideal, but at least it doesn’t leave us without some of our favorite tools.

    Thanks for the tip. It is quite cumbersome though… as tweaking/editing becomes difficult.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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