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  • Resolved NicholeBlack10


    I am currently using HEADWAYTHEMES on my wordpress multisite network. This week I attempted to use the WOO TUMBLOG plugin on my sites coupled with the code created by David Wang which goes in the custom_functions.php file in order to get the tumblog output:

    /* WooTumblog stuff */
    // Replaces the default post title with the tumblog post title
    add_action(‘headway_before_post_title’, ‘mytumblog_before_title’);
    add_action(‘headway_before_excerpt_title’, ‘mytumblog_before_title’);
    function mytumblog_before_title(){
    echo “<!–“;
    add_action(‘headway_after_post_title’, ‘mytumblog_after_title’);
    add_action(‘headway_after_excerpt_title’, ‘mytumblog_after_title’);
    function mytumblog_after_title(){
    echo “–>”;
    // Adds tumblog content into your posts
    add_action(‘headway_entry_content_open’, ‘mytumblog_content’);
    function mytumblog_content(){

    The code and plugin together work perfectly on my main site but with the headway theme network activated the tumblog style does not work on my subdomain

    site. I get the tumblog dashboard so the plugin works.

    Does this code need to be edited so that it works on my subdomain? I don’t actually want to use the tumblog style on my main site, just on y subdomain site.

    Any suggestions or help?

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    I am currently using HEADWAYTHEMES on my wordpress multisite network.

    Go ask in the headway support forum. You paid for it. 🙂

    Hi Andrea, thanks for your reply.

    I thought it might be a wordpress specific issue with the subdomain but I will definitely take your advice and see what the staff at headway say.

    This has been giving me a headache for days.

    Andrea would you be able to let me know whether it is a subdomain issue?

    Nevermind. It may have taken me two days of concentration but I just figured it out. 😉

    So what was the answer? 🙂

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