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  1. online
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Ive been testing out P2 - and I've just figured something out! ;D

    You can link to a specific post on a page by addressing the post # (there's an id="prologue-#" in P2)

    This is a neat feature (basically, it functions like a "bookmark" to a post -- in the context of the stream of posts) that I've been asking for from twitter.com, but that they have not (yet) delivered.

    But there's a catch: it only works for posts on the page .

    So this is my request (it might be TOTALLY simple for someone who knows wordpress/php):

    I need a function (or something like that) that returns the page# that a post is currently listed on, when given the post# (I guess it would also have to know the "# of posts per page" variable)

    It seems to me that this would be HUGE! (well, for me anyway ;)

    Any takers?

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