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    I’m browsing various plugins that add useful features that WooCommerce is lacking and I think it’s a waste of time to put something like this plugin in this repository.

    Here’s what I think:
    – 3 MB for a quick view plugin? Seriously?
    – 230 files? Max number of files for this kind of plugin is 5 in my opinion.
    – Don’t pack me this: codemirror, raster images, everything in metaboxes folder, many more useless libraries that don’t belong to the core purpose of this plugin (basically 95% of the code you included is not necessary)
    – The MO files are named incorrectly. Should be it_IT.mo and es_ES.mo.
    – The content of enqueue_styles_scripts method is questionable. Why not using “add inline styles” function? Actually, all these styling options could easily be removed and you could just provide default grayscale styling and for those who need more dedicate a page in the documentation that would outline custom CSS. Using these styling options vs copying CSS code into Jetpack’s custom CSS field is the same time and effort.
    – There are many more such small issues like the one above, you could remove most functions. At least the plugin works but when I see this mess I suspect that it may come with serious speed and security issues.
    – It could have AJAX cart button by the way.

    Thank you for your attention, the above advice is good, I’m looking forward to a response and correctly made quick view plugin if you’ll be doing it.

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    • This topic was modified 7 years, 10 months ago by Mal.
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    I just noticed another crucial error: Your plugin even manages to break jQuery. Activate it and type in jQuery('body').length in the console. Now deactivate it and do the same.

    Please use scoping and don’t mess with jQuery and $. Otherwise the plugin is not usable.

    Plugin Author YITHEMES


    Hi Marco,
    1)2)3) The amount of files and their sizes are not as relevant as one might believe at first. This plugin includes a framework, which is essential for it to work correctly and, it’s true, it contains many things that are left unused now, but they’re are not loaded and therefore they have no impact on its main functioning. Anyway, the number of files a plugin contains is never index of low quality, but only a design choice; judging a plugin based on this is totally wrong.

    4) MO and PO files are correctly. On plugin should be text_domain-locale.mo. Have a look to wordpress documentation https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/internationalization/how-to-internationalize-your-plugin/

    5) you are right! On next plugin update the inline style will be included using “add inline styles” function.

    6) “AJAX cart button” is an additional feature and not be considered like an issue.

    7) about jQuery issue, maybe there is a comaptibility problem related with your theme or another plugin are you using. Try it with twenty and only woocommerce and let me know.

    Anyway our developers work hard to make plugin more usable and without issue, and are ready to solve all the issues that users find on it and any type of suggestion is appreciated.


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    Thank you for your answer. At least you support this plugin, that’s a plus.

    1,2,3) Ok, my point is that I wanted to download this plugin, see 5 files that actually create quick view as advertised and customize that plugin (to add AJAX, change styles etc.) But I can’t easily customize it if I see 230 files there…

    I can’t agree that putting some big framework for such simple plugin is a “design choice”. There is no need for any framework there. It doesn’t do anything like you say.

    I will rewrite this plugin or write my own from scratch for my needs. But if you simplified your plugin (tremendously) then you would have me as its user, I would happily purchase its premium version, advertise it and recommend to people that use my WC themes.

    4) You’re right. But this page says the opposite: https://codex.wordpress.org/I18n_for_WordPress_Developers so I don’t know which to trust.

    5) Ok.

    6) Ok. (It would be nice to have this.)

    7) It happens on the default theme. The JS files probably need to use scopes to solve this.

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