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  • I have this snippet of code from It displays my film loop in a web page/ blog. It works when I put it in a standard HTML page, but not when I post it to my WordPress Blog.

    Anyone know why that might be happening?

    <script TYPE=’text/javascript’ LANGUAGE=’JavaScript’>document.writeln(‘<iframe WIDTH=280 HEIGHT=72 src=\’\’ SCROLLING=NO FRAMEBORDER=0 NAME=\’looplet_gL-anMEUPTdvhQuuNlC7S/DUQZ8WPpKF_iframe\’></iframe>’);</script><noscript><img SRC=’’/></noscript>

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  • Do you have a sample page? Your code isn’t valid XHTML instead of your linked blog. So, this may be an issue. Were on your page do you want to include the javascript?

    Regardless if it’s valid XHTML you’ll have to escape the forwarding slash / with a backslash inside your javascript code making it look like /.

    Argh, crappy forum formatting skipped some of the slashes in my previous post 🙁

    Sure I have a URL for it

    sure… you can see it at (first post)

    Did you check the code on your site? The quotes of the src attribute on your script tag are converted to ’ by WordPress

    I mean it’s converted to to #8217;

    I looked, but i dont’ see where it might be setting to change that code. Is it in the options panel or on the server itself?

    mine isn’t working either. the filmloop renders on the page, but all the previous posts dissappear. ideas? below is the code:

    <iframe width=300 height=90 src=”″ scrolling=no frameborder=0 name=”looplet_8i4IY9-Z5z7ogJmOfdKbLxfTgKhln4tF_iframe”></iframe>

    Save your FilmLoop as flash. There’s a plugin that allows you to display a flash file that would probably make this work BUT it might invalidate your RSS feed.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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