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    I’ve entered this under my site lock image in my footer code in the dashboard

    T&CsTerms and Conditions

    Really odd it was there and then I went back to change something else and now I can’t get it to show anymore.

    Please see the footer and advise.

    many thanks

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  • I see the link there underneath the lock image in your footer, under IE, Firefox, & Chrome. Did you try refreshing your browser’s cache?

    Thank you it seems to now be showing for me and I’ve updated the link. One thing I can’t do which is bugging my is use an easy columns code in order to have the layout better looking.

    Does anyone have an advice / code so I can have the site security badge on the far right and the T&Cs under the wordpress/fruitful info etc…

    The theme actually makes it quite easy, since you have access to the footer info as an option, as well as a Custom CSS option.

    What I would do is enclose the information that you want on the left within a DIV (the security badge info is already enclosed within its own DIV). Then you can float the contact info to the left, and the security badge to the right, with CSS.

    Replace what you have in the Footer option with this:

    <div id="ContactInfo">
    Design © One Line Studio Helen Barlow 2014<br />
    e: onelinestudio[at]<br />
    Fruitful theme by <a href="">fruitfulcode</a>
    <br />
    Powered by: <a href="">WordPress</a>
    <br />
    T&Cs  <a href="//">Terms and Conditions</a>
    <div id="sitelock_shield_logo" class="fixed_btm"><a href=""><img alt="PCI Compliance and Malware Removal" title="SiteLock" src="//" /></a></div>

    Now go into the Custom CSS options and add these rules:

    #colophon .site-info {
       width: 100%;
    #ContactInfo {
       float: left;
    #sitelock_shield_logo {
       float: right;

    What the first rule does is set the width of the footer to stretch all the way across the width of the site (for some reason, it was set to 420px).

    The second rule floats the contact information to the left, while the last rule floats the security badge to the right.

    Wowza’s thank you so much! And thank you for explaining it hopefully I’ll have learnt a little something here 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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