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  • Is it possible my main index template (index.php) is not being called to create my main page? I’ve been playing around and I have applied a template and several plugins, including widgets. I know that the sidebar widgets “overwrites” my exsisting sidebar template, but it shouldn’t affect any other templates, right?

    Basically, I just want to have some more info about my posts display on the main page (date, author, edit, link to comments, have the post title be a permalink, etc). I know this can’t be this hard.

    The proper php calls appear to already be in my main page template, but they are not displaying. If I edit this template, changes DO NOT appear on my site. Weirdness…

    My blog:
    My index.php code:

    Suggestions for the newbie? TIA

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  • It seems you are NOT using the index as your main page. Do you have any “static frontpage” plugins or solution in place? If yes, THAT’s the one displayed as the frontpage.

    No, unfortunately. I had downloaded and activated a “static frontpage” plugin, but I never created a home.php file in my root directory. And new posts do appear on the main index dynamically.

    As a precaution, I have now deactivated the static front page plugin. No change.

    Could it be a problem with calling php code in the href tag? I tried to add some php code to my sidebar using the php text widget and the href tag broke the css so the rest of page wouldn’t display… Could this be related?

    What other index file do you have either in the theme directory or in the root of WP? Because your blog is NOT displaying the index.php!!!
    (you have all the changes you’ve made 🙂

    Ah ha! There *is* a homepage-index.php file! Where did that come from? It must have been created as a backup of my “home” page when I deactivated the static home plugin. I’ve removed the offending file.

    Then I had to apply a different theme, and reapply my chosen theme before the changes appeared in my browser. (That’s probably just something to do with the cache on my machine…)

    Now the code appears as it should!!

    Sorry for the stupidness – you were right all along! Thanks moshu, you’re a great moderator!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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