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  • Hello,

    I am using SyntaxHighlighter Evolved and when I paste PHP, HTML or any other code after saving or publishing the post, the code gets comment out. For example:

    <?php if(!is_user_logged_in()) { ?>
          ***Your Code Here***
    <?php } ?>

    Gets transformed into this:

    [php]<!--?php if(!is_user_logged_in()) { ?-->
          ***Your Code Here***
    <!--?php } ?-->[/php]

    At first I thought it was the TinyMCE Advanced plugin, but after disabling it I still getting the same behavior.

    There is anything I can do to fix this?


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  • Plugin Author Alex Mills


    Try disabling all other plugins and maybe even switching to the default theme. This seems like some type of “security” feature that a plugin or maybe your host is doing. I can’t think of anything in WordPress core or my plugin that would do this.


    Thank you for the answer, I am checking right now, but I also would like to point out that I did noticed it only happens when I switch the editor to Text, I save the post and then I switch back to the Visual editor.


    I just disabled all the plugins and I still having the same results. The only thing different I noticed was that after disabling all the plugins and refreshing the post the code in the “Text” editor transform the “<” to HTML character entities (like in the tweet I sent you).

    Sadly if I copy and paste the code here, WordPress will rewrite it as well. I hope you can get the idea. I also sent you a tweet with a screenshot that shows how the code looks

    Should I have to be using the symbols instead?

    I also tried the twenty-twelve theme and I still getting the same problem.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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