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  • Could someone help me, please?



    The first form is more accurate. The backslash before the dot let’s the dot be interpreted as a simple dot. Without the backslash the dot is a placeholder for any character at that position.
    The $ at the end restricts redirects to links which have nothing appended (no ?param1=xyz or #section3 will be allowed).

    Enable checkbox ‘Regex’
    Source URL: /comment-subscriptions\?srp=(\d+)
    Target URL: /?p=$1
    I assume that the last phrase '&sra=s' does not change and always follows after 'srp=...'.

    See post Unable to export CSV on how to use it in an import CSV file.



    I need to redirect wso pages to pages on a wordpress site..would I be able to use the redirection plugin to do this?


    Hi, thanks you very much for the rule… :-)…

    I have another question for you…
    Now in Google Webmaster tool I have 6 thousand errors like this:

    or this:

    the correct link are only this: 2012/06/padfone-arrivera-a-luglio-il-nuovo-smartphone-tablet-di-asus/

    How could I fix the errors with redirection?

    Thanks you very much…

    PS Where I can find a guide how to learn the rules to use redirection? Thanks for all… 🙂

    PPS I try to use this rule:
    source: /(\d*)/(\d*)/(.*)/(\d*)/(\d*)
    target: /$1/$2/$3
    Regex checked

    is it correct?

    You have set all expressions to optional (you have added a star instead of a plus). May be this is the cause of the problem. Try

    source: ^(/\d+/\d+/.+?/)[\d/]+
    target: $1

    This means if a sequence consisting only of digits or slashes follows immediately after the slash behind the article slug the link will be redirected.
    This redirection works only for articles. The first slash at the end of the text after the first two numbers (/2012/06/…text…/) is used for the identification. An adress like /2012/06/category/padfone-arrivera-a/1345626330000/1347309190000 will not work with this expression. You may have to experiment with this a bit.

    For a source of a more simple explanation of regular expressions use Google search.
    A detailed documentation can be found with the Perl programming language documentation or a short explanation at

    Thank you very much for the support and for the link… I hope I could learn the syntax… :-)…

    Have a good day…

    Hi, I have another question for you…

    The rule that you write before is ok and run correctly… but I have a problem with this link:

    /2012/04/page/14/ because, with the rule, it become /2012/04/page/ and it make a 404 error…

    I try this rule:
    Do nothing
    Regular Expression check

    Could you check if the rule that i writed is ok or could be better?

    Thank a lot

    source: ^(/\d+/\d+/.+?/)[\d/]{9,}
    target: $1

    This requires that at least 9 digits and/or slashes hanging at the end.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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