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  • Hi, vaakash!

    I have a lot of custom shortcodes, added with function.php. Managing them becomes hard, so I looking for good plugin for that.

    Looks like, your plugin is great solution for adding custom shortcodes. Unfortunately, as I can see in docs, for inserting shortcodes you use code [sc name=”shortcode_name”]. All my custom shortcodes inserted like [shortcode_name].

    Is there any variant for using your plugin for my shortcodes?

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  • Plugin Author vaakash


    Hi @vladroman,

    Thanks for considering Shortcoder plugin.

    As of now with shortcoder plugin you can create shortcodes only with [sc] tag. Custom tags are not supported.

    There are multiple options I can think of,

    – Move to shortcoder and use any plugin to search and replace posts with [sc name=""]

    – Leave existing shortcodes as is and use shortcoder for upcoming new usages.

    – Create shortcodes for existing HTML in shortcoder and use return do_shortcode( '[sc name=""]'); inside your existing PHP shortcode functions. By this way you can control the content from the admin yet still using the old shortcode name.


    Thread Starter Roman


    Thank you for suggestions, vaakash.

    I have a several sites with thousands articles. And I’m not ready to make global replacement. It is a bit dangerous because testing, that everything were changed correctly, would be very problematic.

    2nd variant doesn’t solve main problem. For working with old shortcodes still need person with access to editing php, so content-managers cann’t do this themself. And in case I double shortcodes, managing them becomes double harder. 🙂

    But 3rd variant looks like a solution. Not as nice, as ability to use custom names like [my_shortcode_name]. But it solves all problems. So, yes, it is a solution. Thank you for idea, probably, I’ll try this.

    Anyway, I hope, you will think about my situation and will find usefull to add in future versions of your great plugin support for shortcodes names like [my_shortcode_name] (as here). So your users could make a choice, which names to use. I can call a lot of situation, when this will be very usefull, not just my rare with dozens of custom shortcodes. For example, user wants to change theme, but his old theme has in-build shortcodes, which he used a lot. Or some untypical places for shortcodes, where shortcodes with parameters works bad, and is better to use just names. Users ready for a lot for getting solution in this situations, and if you give this solution, they will be happy. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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