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  • In my single.php page I have added a useful bit of code (somebody on here suggested it ages bacl) that, without screwinging up other article/content orders on the site like similar examples do, returns a list ‘Related Articles’ for my news items.

    This works fine except for one small problem, some of the ‘Related Articles’ don’t display the date. This seems random and I can’t figure out why it’s happening as the source content is no different from any other articles. For example on some news I’ll get output like this:

    Related Articles:
    » 06/03/2012 – Blah Blah News Title 1
    » – Blah Blah News Title 2
    » – Blah Blah News Title 3
    » 29/02/2012 – Blah Blah News Title 4
    » – Blah Blah News Title 5

    Here’s my code, anybody have an idea?

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