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  • strangely, i am working on a client site, optimizing some things. i notice on one of the blog posts he had two bullet points near the bottom of the content, and the styling/alignment was all off. I couldnt figure out why, so i just removed the bullets and made it regular text.

    then i added a plugin called ‘contextual related posts’. this plugin creates links to related posts at the bottom of each post. I notice then the same problem, except that its only occuring on this one single post. I cannot figure it out. if you go to any other post that has bullet points or related posts they appear as normal.

    the theme is Gorilla Themes ‘main street’ theme (fwiw)

    here is the post the problem occurs on:

    try going around to other posts and you’ll see there is no problem. I even used firebug on this and I couldnt spot anything.

    (note that this is not a problem w/ the plugin – since the problem was there with plain text bullet points even before i installed the related posts plugin)

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  • Michael


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    the problem seems to be caused by this style in Light_Blue.css:

    #blog_entry p {

    possible fix (add to the end of Light_Blue.css):
    #crp_related { float:left; }

    checked with firefox web developer add-on; imho for some applications more useful than firebug.

    thanks. any idea why this would be a problem on only one post but not others?

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