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  • I’m wondering if there’s a way to configure Co-Authors Plus to a wordpress site if you’re a novice and have very little knowledge of editing php? As someone who does basic php editing, I don’t find the instructions for incorporating the plugin template tags into my theme very simple (my fault not yours I know!). I’m using the ‘arts and culture’ gabfire theme – can you tell me if there are even more basic instructions available? If not can you point me in the direction of someone who may be able to do the incorporation/php editing for me?

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  • Are you trying to do something beyond adding/displaying multiple authors on a post or page? The reason I ask is because upon installing Co-Authors Plus, I don’t remember needing to edit any PHP/add any template tags in order to get going with the basic functionality. Is it possible that what you’re looking to do can be done from the WP admin, and you just haven’t quite spotted it yet?

    Thanks for your response.

    I am trying to simply add multiple authors to the byline using the Co-Authors plugin (as I’m creating a multi-author blog). Though I’m able to assign different authors when writing posts, the author names do not change on the actual site.

    The plugin FAQ says:

    “How do I add Co-Authors Plus support to my theme?
    If you’ve just installed Co-Authors Plus, you might notice that the bylines are being added in the backend but aren’t appearing on the frontend. You’ll need to add the template tags to your theme before the bylines will appear.”

    This would suggest that template tags do need to be added to the theme in order for it to work properly. These are the instructions provided:

    Oh. Maybe my theme was already set up with something that enabled it already. The good news is that it’s pretty much a matter of copying and pasting the template tag into a theme file, and depending on what theme you’re using, it should be pretty easy to figure out where to put it.

    In a perfect world, you would create a child theme instead of editing your parent theme directly for this plugin…but if you aren’t looking to learn that much about WP, and/or if the theme you’re using isn’t likely to ever be updated, it’s probably not a huge deal…worst case scenario is a theme update overwrites your Co-Authors Plus template tag insertion and you have to paste it in again.

    Look for a file in your theme folder called post.php. If that exists, then that’s the one to edit. If it doesn’t, maybe post what theme you’re using and we can try to figure out where your post template is.

    Also, if you find page.php and you do want to create a child theme, it’s SO EASY. Make a new directory with the name [existing theme]-child (or whatever you want), create a style.css file in it that contains this code:

    Theme Name:     cflyonline's Theme [this is the name that will appear in your WP admin when you activate the theme]
    Description:    Child of [your original theme]
    Author:         cflyonline
    Template:       [directory name that the original theme is in]
    Version:        0.0.1

    @import url(“../[directory name that the original theme is in]/style.css”);

    Then copy page.php into your new directory and edit the copy instead of the original theme file. Activate your theme in WP admin (Appearance / Themes) and you’ve got a child theme to work in.

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    Great instructions notkristina!

    They’re good instructions, but the person asking the question clearly said he was a beginner.

    So to confuse him with template tags, theme tags, child themes, etc., may sound great to someone with a WordPress background, but so a newbie, you probably just confused him more than he was to begin with.

    But the bottom line I would tell any newbie, is never change your core WordPress files; if a plugin asks you to do that, then find another plugin or go without. Once his theme is updated and he loses all his changes, he’s going to be even more confused.

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